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Aroma Professional plus Rice Cooker

Aroma Professional plus Rice Cooker

Who doesn’t crave for getting perfectly cooked rice? “That’s why you need a perfect brand rice cooker, right?” Aroma Professional plus Rice Cooker has ultimately won the trust of the consumers for having top most quality.
This professional rice cooker brand has made your cooking experience far better than other cooking accessories.
If you have no experience at using these regular brand cookers, perhaps, you have missed a golden opportunity to enjoy a beautiful cooking period.

This article will introduce you with a standard guideline. This guideline includes with how you can use aroma cookers, knowing about the ultimate features of that as well as five exclusive aroma rice cooker brand’s description.

Features of Aroma Professional plus Rice Cooker:

There are plenty of benefits for using Aroma cookers what you may not want to lose. That’s why I am going to share some incredible features of Aroma that a professional cooker should have.
Large capacity: This particular cooker brand is absolutely perfect for cooking for a large family. It has cooking capacity for up to 20 cups of rice. To handle guests, this is a brilliant addition to your kitchen. Even the rice is going to cook perfectly. Make sure you never overload it with contents.

Multi-functionality: Aroma cookers have multi-functional features. A user can cook white rice, brown rice, sushi rice along with so many delicious dishes. Different settings are there with different cooking options as well.
Also, you can prepare meat, vegetables, soups, oatmeal etc. with this cooker. These multi-functional options are available for using different settings.

Sensor technology: This is another spectacular addition in Aroma. Sensing technology can determine the temperature well. This technology helps in getting perfect rice with a better texture.

Accessories: Aroma features with so many different functions. It also offers some accessories like spatula, measuring cup along with a tray. Besides, other cooking options, you can utilize them as a part of your cooking assistant.

Digital power control: The Aroma unit is specifically controlled with digital functional programs. All you have to do is to just pressing the correct button. Thus, you can easily manage the ultimate unit single handle.
Whatever dishes you want to prepare, you can easily cook them handling the time and temperature. Again, it will provide another unique configuration of delay timer. Busy people can make the highest benefit from it.

Best 5 Aroma Professional Rice Cookers:

The importance of having the best rice cooker needs not to explain anymore. Some models of Aroma are considered as best Japanese rice cooker too. Here we have enlisted 5 best aroma rice cookers description to let your task easy to choose a particular model.

1. Aroma Rice Cooker and Food Steamer-6 cups (cooked) @ 3 cups (uncooked): This Aroma-6 cup of cooker gives you simple design with a lot of convenient features. This versatile cooker has 2-6 cups of cooking capacity. It always determines in offering warm rice before everyone with keep warm mode.

Meanwhile, you can use the steamer to steam vegetables and meets. That is impressive to keep the nutrient values of the food. Here, it includes single touch configuration that allows you to enjoy easy cooking.

It includes other essential accessories like spatula, measuring cup for rice and steam tray as well. When you use the including measuring cup of the rice cooker, it leads you to cook perfect rice. So, you should use it.

The best part of this Aroma cooker is to cook many food items simultaneously. This not only saves your time but also make things easier for you.

Again the user can produce rice’s quickly with it. There is no hassle you need to face for cleaning issues. It is dishwasher safe and contains non-stick materials.

Hence, this model of Aroma is user-friendly and energy-efficient in a specific sense. Moreover, multi-functional foods you can cook with it. A small draw back can bother you is its small steam tray. But this is not a major issue at all.

2. Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker and Food Steamer with Stainless Steel:

Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD Digital cooker has a very stylish look. It has a stainless steel exterior in the configuration. Its have marvelous adjustable capacity to fit in any kitchen space.

It has 4 cups of uncooked rice capacity. And it can produce 8 cups of cooked rice. This latest cooker can cook white rice, brown rice at a time.

Again, it has another programmable function named delay timer works up to 15 hours long.  For busy people, this is very useful feature. Fully automatic features complete important tasks of monitoring.

Again it saves your time with digital power control. Here it includes a steaming tray. You can steam vegetables and meats keeping the nutrition. Non removable inner pot lets you do easy cleaning.

Manufacturers coated the inner pot with Teflon. Overall, it’s a fantastic choice for your kitchen.

3. Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker and Food Steamer: This Aroma cooker has 14 cups of cooked rice capacity. It is no doubt a perfect choice for everyone. Apart from cooking rice, this electric cooker is going to fulfill your demand of preparing sauce, soups etc. dishes.

A tempered glass lid features with the cooker as well. There is a removable steaming tray including in it. That’s why preparation of steamed veggies and meats are very easy to prepare.

The best thing you will find in it is the single touch configuration. This cooker is dishwasher safe and provides easy clean up system. This model of Aroma has also Teflon coated cooking pot.

4. Aroma ARC-150SB 20 Cup of Rice Cooker and Food Steamer:

If your priority is for having a cooker cum steamer, then this Aroma product is only for you. It can produce 10 cups of uncooked rice that results in making 20 cups of cooked rice.

The digital configuration controls the whole cooker with superior technology. It has programmable delay timer that to meet up the demand for the busy folks.

The warm features allow keeping the rice warm for extended period of time. You can absolutely cook different types of delicious meals that contain health benefits.

5. Aroma Housewares ARC-2000ASB Professional 20 Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker: This Professional aroma Digital cooker has large capacity and has complete trustworthy features. This cooker allows easy steaming of veggies and meats and cooking various types of rice like brown rice, white rice.

This product is very easy to use. You can operate it nicely with digital technology-oriented feature. A quick rice preparing feature is available with it. It saves your time by reducing the cooking period up to 50%.

The removable inner cooking container has been made of non-stick properties. For this reason, it is very easy to wash instantly. Again other useful accessories are there to make things easier for you. It includes steaming tray, measuring cups and spatula.

How to Use Aroma Professional Rice Cooker:

When you are using a rice cooker, it saves your precious time. Each cooker has its own manufacturing features. That’s why a user needs to learn about how to use aroma small rice cooker.

Above we have mentioned about the most salient features of Aroma digital rice cooker. Let’s start the discussion in further details.

Measuring of rice: In every best aroma small rice cooker, you will get measuring cups with the whole unit. Using it, you should start measuring the rice according to your demand.

Then, you should place it on the cooking container associated with the Aroma cooker. Make sure you are using measuring cups for getting accurate measurement.

Rinse the rice with cold water: Rinsing the rice is the most important steps in cooking rice in any rice cooker. This will prevent the ultimate presence of starch. You know what too much starch leads the rice gets mushy or sticky.

Take a mesh strainer to put the measured rice for rinsing purpose. Use cold water and constantly wash it. Use your fingers to wash the grains and whirl it properly.

Repeat the method for 5-6 times till you are not left with nearly clear water. Do it properly otherwise, the grains will end up in clumping.

Put water on the pot:

Meanwhile, you have nicely done with the washing method of rice. Now it comes for adding water in it properly. Mostly, it depends on the type of rice you are going to cook.

There are so many classifications of rice. Different rice needs different requirements of water. For more clarity, you should check on the special instructions for it.

Less water will end up making poorly cooked rice. On the other hand, more water than demand can make the rice mushy or sticky. Make sure, you are maintaining the ratio between water and rice.

Soak the rice: This is not a mandatory step for cooking rice. Not so many people tend to follow it. But you can do so to cut the time for cooking period. If you want to soak the rice, do it for half an hour.

Quest for menu settings: There are so many different cooking menus associated with the Aroma cookers. And you need to check those options properly. When you know where the functions are, you can happily use those buttons and functions of Aroma Professional plus Rice Cookers.

Hence, you can operate the whole unit without any confusion, right? Sensor technology often handles the cooking temperature nicely. The digital configuration is there to make your task easier with the latest and advanced technology.

Again, this multi functional rice cooker brand offers extra benefits for cooking so many different dishes as well. And you should introduce with those pressing buttons as well.

Resting period: While you finished cooking, it’s essential to let the rice rest for some time. That’s why you need to remove the pot from the heat and wait for about 10 minutes. This will distribute the moisture in every part of the rice.

Prepared your desired dishes with Aroma:

As we have mentioned before that Aroma manufacturers added multi-functionality in their unique features. So, you can cook your preferred your food items with that.

Putting the contents on the cooker, you should add the right amount of water in it. Then you must use a lid to cover the pot. For getting perfectly cooked dishes, you must do it.

You know what the water may get a chance to escape if you don’t use a lid over the pot. This could hamper the whole cooking process adversely.

Then you must turn on the power button. The steam produced inside is enough to cook the dish perfectly. Keeping warm mode allows warming the rice for long time.

As sensor technology is used to manage the temperature, you need not to worry about that. When cooking is finished thoroughly, the cooker will automatically stop.

Why you need to use Aroma Professional plus:

“It’s like an investment when you buy something for your needs, right?” When you are going to buy a rice cooker, these simple words also can apply for that.

A wise decision may provide effective product that is going to serve you for long-term project. With the passage of time, you can make proud of your decision. That’s why quality of a product is the most-demanded thing to have.

Convenient service:

Aroma digital rice cookers are simply the best in terms of quality and convenient services. You have already read the feature part of aroma cookers in this article.
The number of benefits this rice cooker brand is going to offer you is simply mind-blowing. The manufacturers made it versatile for every kitchen lovers. You can widely use it for various purposes.

Multi-purpose usage: Apart from cooking rice, you can consequently use it for baking cake, making soup, meats, and different kinds of chicken recipe. Or else, you can steam vegetables, making porridge with it.
‘To prepare every delicious item, you need individual kitchen equipment’s, right?’ But Aroma will handle every dish alone without any hassle.

Easy buying: Aroma is one of the top rated rice cookers. You can buy Aroma rice cooker on Amazon, e-bay or other online marketplaces. These cookers are effective for you with the top-most digital technology-oriented features.

Dynamic cooking capacity: Moreover, you need not to worry about handling guests because the brand has up to 20 cups of cooking capacity. Again, if you are single, you can easily manage it with best small rice cooker.

“Don’t you want to make your cooking experience funny and enjoyable?” Undoubtedly you want it. Best mini rice cooker of Aroma are going to add a new dimension to your cooking.

Multi-functional rice cooker:

If you are craving to cook different kinds of rice such as white, plain rice, sushi rice. Aroma is the best rice cooker for brown rice too. You can easily use these aroma cookers.

The fully automated features will make things easier to operate while cooking. Hence, you need to press buttons simply and need not to constantly check on the cooking every time.

Save’s your time: Aroma rice cooker is one of the best rice cookers that save your precious time. It offers simple cleaning up system that is not going to bother you.

The non-stick pen never let any food stick on to the surface. As a result, you end up making perfect dishes easily. And also, you don’t have to spend a lot of time at cleaning.

Serves warm rice: Aroma cookers include keeping warm mode in their unit. After your coking is completely finished, it automatically switches on to the warm mode and keep the rice warm. For busy folks, it is very useful feature.

Saves your money: Why should you spend your hard-earned money on buying steamed veggies from market? When you can make them at home using Aroma cookers, this is absolutely not done.

As a result, your food bill will eventually decrease widely. Again, it will save your valuable money and health. Healthy home food is most preferred for all.

Increases healthy benefits: As you know rice is, as usual a gluten free food item, it is healthy for you. To acquire the best health benefits, you need to take low calorie foods.

Aroma rice cookers end up giving you most health benefits by providing perfectly cooked rice. In every morning, you can enjoy having stunning desserts. Nevertheless, steamed veggies offer required vitamins and minerals.


These Aroma Professional plus Rice Cooker is very easy to use that you can’t ever imagine. Never get afraid reading the word “professional”. In fact, you don’t have to be so expert at using these cookers.

The numerous benefits they provide to the consumers are only assumed when you will start using. Many homemakers love to own these cookers and get their benefits. Why shouldn’t you be that lucky one who has such a wonderful cooking assistant?

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How to make sushi rice in a rice cooker

how to make sushi rice in a rice cooker

Sushi rice means sour tasting rice. It’s so delicious in every bite that makes your dinner so pleasant. Are you ready to prepare it? Then you must know how to make sushi rice in a rice cooker.

Simply you can make it at home. A good recipe is needed to complete properly. Initially, it might seem complicated to you. While you will start doing it, you will experience it as very ordinary task. Again, you may add simple Japanese methodology to make it perfect. In this article, we will learn more about the rice cookers for sushi rice along with the instructions.

Instructions for how to make sushi rice in a rice cooker:

Select right rice: Sushi is Japanese rice. And Japanese are very serious in making their products or recipes with perfection. You can ask me how? In this case, too, they have chosen special rice for making this recipe. They named it as “Shari”. Generally, it is called as sushi.

This is so easy to get at hand. You will find it at supermarket.

Measure it perfectly: Now it comes to measure the rice. In fact, it depends on how large your family is. If you are just three in family members, you will use small rice cooker with 3 cups of cooking capacity. For large family, you may need large cookers at least with 10 cups of measuring rice.

Wash it properly: Generally, it takes much time to cook sushi rice. Rinsing the rice is essential to remove the extra starch. This is responsible for the production of sticky rice. Take the rice with right measurement and use a sieve for washing. Gently use cold water to do so. Whirl your hands in washing process to rinse it perfectly.

Repeat the process for 5-6 times. Do it until the cloudy water doesn’t remove. You should constantly wash it till you don’t get nearly clear water.  This is much needed to get rid of excessive starch. It ensures freshness and increases the ultimate taste of the sushi rice.

Prepare the rice with the cooker: After finished washing, let the water drain out. This increases the chances of making perfect rice. Later, you should place the rice in a container and start cooking.

Add adequate water to the rice:

This is one of the most important steps in cooking any rice properly. Maintain the perfect ratio between the water and rice. For an example, if you have taken 100 grams of uncooked sushi rice for cooking, you can add 150 ml of water in it.

Too much water will lead the rice become sticky or mushy. On the other hand, less water won’t prepare perfect rice. That’s why use a good ratio of water.

Use medium heat: Medium heat is better for cooking rice. In the meantime, close the lid of cooker. Never try to open it during that time. This will interrupt the cooking process unnecessarily. This will contribute a lot in saving the required nutrients.

Make it cool slowly: After wards, you add the vinegar in the sushi rice, let it rest and make it cool. Just bring it to the body temperature. The temperature should be 35-40 if you serve it under a cooler, it may leave a bad impact on the texture of the rice.

Perfect shaped rice with good textures is very important in getting better sushi rice.

Store the rice in a hot place: Now it comes to store the rice. For doing so, you must scoop it with a spatula. Then put them on a side of the large bowl. Gently press it by covering it with a wet and soft cloth.

Hence, keep them like this for 5-10 minutes. This method is a full proof way to let the rice stick better. If you want to mold the rice, this will aid you enough.

This formula is better to prevent drying. After you prepare sushi rice, you must do it and use a warm space for keeping the bowl. Hopefully, you can serve perfect sushi rice before your family or friends.

Seasoning the rice properly:

After the cooking is completed, seasoning is very important in producing sushi rice. For this purpose, take a large bowl and put the rice in it. Later, use a non-stick spatula to stir it slowly. Never use any metal utensils for doing so. There are increased amount of chances for spoiling the grains for it.

In Japanese tradition, a large wooden container is considered as ‘Hangiri’. The wood used here is absolutely compatible for absorbing extra vinegar. Don’t worry if it is not with you. You can use a big plastic bowl in replacement of Hangiri. The space inside it should be flat and spacious enough.

Make sure the rice is not burned. For having perfect sushi rice, this is not a good approach. Now it comes to add vinegar to the sushi rice. To make a special justification to the name sushi, this is very important to inject sour taste in it.

How mush vinegar you need to take? “Yes, this is very simple.” Just take 20% vinegar of the uncooked rice volume package. For an example, if you have cooked 400 grams of uncooked sushi rice, you need to use 80ml vinegar in it. The best way to get perfect sushi rice is to mixing the vinegar when the rice is warm. Only pouring it over the rice won’t work at all. Use a paddle in it.

Above all, you have to make the warm rice coated with the vinegar.

Best rice cooker for sushi rice:

A rice cooker is a worthy appliance in cooking rice. By now, you have elaborately known about how to make sushi rice in a rice cooker. Before buying it, you need to take a wise decision. Best Japanese rice cooker are absolutely very high in performance. They have a lot of latest and convenient feature.

Again, there are some best mini rice cookers. Below, we have made a comprehensive list of them depending on the useful feature for cooking perfect sushi rice.

Aroma rice Cooker:

Aroma cookers have some unique quality features. As a buyer, you will love to buy a cooker that has pretty much quality with high cooking performance.

Large capacity: This particular cooker brand is absolutely perfect for cooking for a large family. It has cooking capacity for up to 20 cups of rice. To handle guests, this is a brilliant addition to your kitchen.

Even the rice is going to cook perfectly. Make sure you never overload it with contents. But Aroma small rice cooker is best for small family.

Multi-functionality: Aroma cookers have multi-functional features. A user can cook white rice, brown rice, sushi rice along with so many delicious dishes. Different settings are there with different cooking options as well.

Also, you can prepare meat, vegetables, soups, oatmeal etc. with this cooker. These multi-functional options are available for using different settings.

Sensor technology: This is another spectacular addition in Aroma. Sensing technology can determine the temperature well. This technology helps in getting perfect rice with a better texture.

Accessories: Aroma features with so many different functions. It also offers some accessories like spatula, measuring cup along with a tray. Besides, other cooking options, you can utilize them as a part of your cooking assistant.

Zojirushi rice cooker:

Zojirushi is an outstanding manufacturer in promoting their high-quality products. They have so many positive reviews from their customers. It costs a bit more but worthy to use with a great usage.

Keep warm functions: This is a unique invention of Zojirushi. You must be wondering that this particular manufacturer introduce this special technology to the world of rice cookers.

This popular and useful function is helpful for busy individuals most. It works nicely for reheating the dishes you prepared. It goes automatically to the keeping warm function to make the rice warm till you are not yet ready to serve it.

MI-COM technology: MI-COM technology is a short name for the microcomputer chip technology. In some of the models of Zojirushi, you will get this useful feature.

It has plenty of menu settings. That’s why these cookers are pretty much versatile and has improved level of functionality.

This advanced technology is the best for handling cooking temperature during cooking. Consequently, you don’t need to bother for checking the cooker frequently.

The automatically functioned settings are there to offer soaking, steaming etc. for an instance.

Power Cord: Zojirushi has retractable power cord featuring with the whole unit. In most of the cooking models of Zojirushi, you will find this worthwhile feature.

This is important technology because it prevents other obstructions from creating any interruption.

Induction heating: Induction heating offers getting heat from optional electric current getting from the best output of the wall. Then the heat distributes equally to the entire pan.

Zojirushi has best rice cooker too with innovative adjustments. They can easily keep variance with the time, temperature etc. Moreover, induction cookers use inner pan as the essential component.

Cuckoo Rice Cookers:

Cuckoo cookers will grab your attention for having unique style. The manufacturers have provided a cool looking to their products. The company is renowned at selling Korean style products with large or best small rice cookers.

This is the reason; you should appreciate the unique styles and functional programs.

Size and capacity: A consumer would love to use a cuckoo cooker due to have its dynamic size and cooking capacity. For small family, one would love to use small cookers. On the other hand, there are plenty of models of Cuckoo manufactured for large family.

Moreover, this particular brand has up to 20 cups of cooking capacity. That’s why it is good for the best use.

Design: Very clean and lasting design has been applied in the Cuckoo models. Here, you will find solid design with several good looking options.

Clean up: The exterior part of the Cuckoo brand has been set up in such a way that you can easily clean up the spillage. The non-stick pan allows no chance for the rice to get sticky.

Again, the removable inner container makes your job easy to clean them separately.

Keeping warm mode: This is another important feature usually get combined with the Cuckoo brands. This functional program allows automatically keep warm mode. Eventually, it switches to the specific function and keeps the rice warm for long.

This is one of the most important features for those who are very busy in their respective jobs. By using this feature, they can comfortably eat warm rice whenever they want.

Panasonic Rice cooker:

Panasonic rice cookers have unique features and specifications. This is the reason they are one of the most the top rated Manufacturer Company in the world.
These cookers are one of the best Japanese rice cookers in the world. Let’s have a look at those highlighting features.

Fuzzy logic technology: This advanced technology is widely used in most of the rice cooker’s model of the Panasonic. It entirely handles cooking time and temperature.

If getting fresh and fluffy rice is your first priority, this fuzzy logic technology is the best applicable feature for you. It provides accuracy in time and power control instantly.

Warming feature: Warming feature allows keeping the rice warm till you need it to serve before your family or others. This feature is only used to keep the rice warm for extended period of time. This excellent function will end the user with perfect cooked rice.

Non-stick pan: Panasonic will surprise you with non-stick pan that won’t let the rice to stick to the cooker pan. This feature also allows easy clean up for the users to do.

When it is not getting sticky, it won’t take much time to clean the utensils.

Glass lid: Glass lid is another sophisticated addition of the Cuckoo cookers. You can clearly view the cooking with this useful feature. Again, you don’t have to open the lid when you have a clear glass lid.

You know what lifting the lid in middle of the cooking often causes serious hamper in rice cooking.

Other accessories: Different useful accessories come with the Panasonic rice cookers. There are measuring cups; steamer, scooping spoon, spatula etc. are being added as useful accessories for cooking rice.

Oster Rice Cookers:

Perhaps, you live alone and a handy kitchen appliance is required for you. Oster cookers offer you the best mini rice cookers besides other preferable size.

As a careful buyer, you must find it to be the best for the usage. Below, we are going to highlight the basic features of this specific model.

Design: These cookers come with simple but attractive design. The cooking container is produced thought fully with non-stick material. The tempered glass is another part of its simple designing area.

Usage: People will surely reap the major benefits with the usage of the Oster cookers. Steamer allows vegetable steaming such as tomatoes, cauliflowers, cabbage etc. Again, you can use it for cooking other tasty dishes.

Easy clean-up: Every user would love to expect easy cleaning system in their rice cookers. Non-stick pan is helpful to fulfill your desire. Again, tempered glass lid allows easy cleaning for its dish washer safe properties.

Tiger Rice Cookers:

Tiger is one of the most leading kitchen appliances in the world of rice cookers. The manufacturer established this brand to handle the customer’s need. Let’s look at the feature what this reliable brand includes.

Automatic features: Tiger cookers allow automatic features in every model. That’s why you don’t need to keep constantly checking your rice status. A microchip thoroughly manages the cooker with fully automated features.

Hence, you need to choose your desired mode and leave the rest of the works to this brand.

Induction heating: This latest technology controls adequate heating method. It can handle how much heat you need to cook perfect rice.

Easy to use: Tiger cookers are very easy to use. As there are so many detachable parts associated with this brand, it seems very easy for cleaning.

The inner lid is very simple to move and clean. Again the round shaped container makes your job easy to remove the dirt while cleaning.

Ta-cook system: ‘Ta-cook’ is one of the most attractive and unique feature of the tiger cookers. “Do you need to cook two different dishes in similar time?” This excellent method allows you for doing so.

Conclusion: Finally, the moment comes to draw the end of the article. In this article, you learn how to make sushi rice in a rice cooker.  Also, we have given the short descriptions of the top brand rice cookers for cooking this rice.

These convenient cookers are fit for preparing multiple dishes along with sushi rice. The useful features mentioned here are convenient for you. They also allow comfortable cooking experience.

Are you prepared for cooking sushi rice at your home after reading this article?  Wow, it’s so pleasant news for us, happy cooking.

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How to cook brown rice in a rice cooker

how to cook brown rice in a rice cooker

“Who doesn’t want to have delicious brown rice?” It contains a lot of health benefits and tasty in every bite. This is the reason; you must know how to cook brown rice in a rice cooker. “Mushy texture brown rice is not expected at all, agree?” if you are tired in your efforts for producing rice clumped with each other, I would love to suggest you to give it another try.

In this article, I will give you step by step methods you need to follow in cooking brown rice. Hopefully, this time you won’t fail to prepare fully, fresh and tasty brown rice. Let’s have a look on the instruction.

how to cook brown rice in rice cooker

How to cook brown rice in a rice cooker recipe:

In order to cook perfectly brown rice, the key strategy is to keep a good level of moisture in it. Below I am going to give you the chronological instructions about how to cook brown rice in rice cooker.

  1. Measuring the rice:

This is the first step of cooking brown rice. Measure right amount of rice you need to cook. For an example, five people will share a meal, and then you must measure 4/5 cups of rice for it.

Again, for larger families, it requires 8-10 cups of rice. Defining this factor correctly will make you easily take the decision of how much water you need to take.

That’s how; water and rice ratio can easily be fixed. However, more rice than the necessity is going to leave the leftover rice to spoil unnecessarily.

  1. Rinsing the rice properly:

Take your measured brown rice in a mesh strainer. Then rinse it using cool water properly. Remember, it will get wash away the starch that is responsible for producing sticky rice.

“Do it for 6-7 times until you get clean water”. Whirl your hand gently in a circular motion while rinsing. You may get cloudy water at first attempt of rinsing. Gradually, you will notice clear water.

  1. Put the rice in the cooker carefully:

Next, you should put the rice to your electric kitchen gadget. Carefully distribute the brown rice in it. Never place more rice that goes beyond to the capacity of the cooker.

  1. Keep adding correct amount of water:

This is another crucial step you can’t underrate. When it comes to brown rice cooking, it requires increasing the water than white rice. For 1 cup of brown rice, it needs to add 2 cups of water. That’s how you should count it.

“You may be wondering why it takes more time to cook brown rice.” Actually, this rice contains fiber more than other rice. For this reason, they fail to absorb the water easily compared to other rice.

How much time you need to cook mostly depends on adding right amount of water.

  1. Put some salt in it:

Are you waiting to eat smoky, hot and tasty brown rice? Then adding some salt will be better for you. You may mix it in the rice cooker. Specifically, ¼ tablespoon of salt is enough for 1 cups of brown rice.

  1. Start cooking in the best rice cooker:

Now the time comes to use the best small rice cooker to prepare your mouth-watering rice. You will notice different settings in your electric cooking gadget.

Once you have got the brown rice setting, you should turn it on. There is different functional setting on the cooker. In the last part of the article, you will know it later.

Never open the lid in any way. It will affect the moisture. Closing the lid will eventually help to produce fluffy rice.

  1. Make the rice sit for 15 minutes:

When your brown rice is finished the cooking, let it rest for some minutes. This approach will enable to distribute the moisture level effectively. As a result, you will have perfectly cooked brown rice.

Make it sit for about 15 minutes and wait. Don’t lift the lid at that time. Remember, you should not forget this action. Implementing this step will eventually present good textured rice with delightful flavor.

  1. Fluff the brown rice:

Use a spatula to stir the rice. Now you have perfectly cooked brown rice.  Make sure you are not using any metal utensils. Your rice cooker may get affected with permanent scratch with metal utensils.

  1. Mix optional seasoning:

This step is not mandatory to follow. To add more taste in it, you can use optional seasoning in it. What should you use for it? You can add butter or lemon juice as seasoning.

  1. Serve the rice:

Now the moment has come to make you delighted. You love to eat brown rice and this is ready. Now serve it with a spoon or spatula to your friends and family.

Make sure, you are not spoiling the grains with rapid movement of the utensil.

Best Japanese rice cooker for brown rice:

Undoubtedly rice cooker allow easy cooking. This is the absolute reason; we are going to make you introduce you with the best rice cooker’s description.
To satisfy your craving, we will share top 5 cooker’s description in this part of the article for cooking brown rice.

  1. Aroma Housewares ARC-6106 Rice Cooker: This is the one of the best rice cooker for brown rice on our researched list with the modern functions. It has been coated with an inner container that is non-stick.A particular watermark is associated with the wall inside. There is an innovative technology named Sauté Simmer technology. It will manage the temperature level with great efficiency that automatically makes out the high and simmer heat.There are three outstanding buttons named white rice, quick rice,and brown rice. Using those, you can easily cook white and brown rice. “Are you surprised at reading quick button?”
    “It may seem wondering for you.” This is actually the latest feature of this cooking appliance. This cooker will function in 110V. Whenever you want, you can easily set the timer for your convenient use.Again there are more menu settings for cooking different tasted food items such as stew, soups, oatmeal, baking cake etc.Keeping warm function is another innovative and useful feature. When cooking finished, Aroma ARC-6106 Rice Cooker will continue keeping the rice warm for long time.Subsequently, you can effectively use delay timer function. Manually, you can set your time before going anywhere.

    1. Zojirushi NS-YAC18 Micom Rice Cooker:

    For cooking brown rice this cooker is also excellent in functioning well.  It has 10 cups of cooking capacity along with a bunch of sets. A user will find it worthwhile for coking so many delightful dishes like sushi, white, brown rice, porridge, sweet etc.

    This is one of the best Japanese rice cooker indeed. It is efficiently oriented with micro-computer technology. The unit is special for you to shave off your worries in a second.

    You will find an excellent GABA setting associated with it. It offers you delicious and fluffy brown rice. It establishes a nutty flavor on it and the texture will look good to you.

    If you are looking for high-appreciating kitchen device, Zojirushi NS-YAC18 will be the right choice for you. Here timing function is another spectacular feature that works according to your wishes.

    The Umami setting is useful in enlarging the flavor in wide range. If your family is not interested in brown rice, use this cooker and follow the above-mentioned recipe. Hopefully, they will like it.

    Again the functions and setting are utterly devoted to function for long-term use. Keeping warm mode is always there to promote warm rice for serving.

    1. Rival RC61 6-Cup cooked Rice Cooker:

    This is truly a great unit with complete feature for offering your every meal with pleasant experience. This is very easy to use. It offers fat-free food and equipped with better health benefits. While you start cooking, a red light will immediately turn on. And with illumination of yellow light, it will switch on to the keep warm mode automatically when finished cooking rice.

    People who love to eat brown rice can also use its feature to cook. It has 6-cups of cooking capacity. This best mini rice cooker is fastest in its activity. It takes about 30 minutes to prepare brown rice to serve.

    This best rice cooker for brown rice works like a Chinese bamboo steamer as well. It is expert at cooking vegetables, soups, fish curries etc. with the steam.

    The steamer is absolutely useful and completely set up with tight lid fitting. It’s easy for cleaning the device. You can use a dishwasher and there is no worries left for you.

    It has its own handle stick to the cooker. That’s why it is easy to carry and wash.

    The non-stick inner pot is perfect for cooking. Be careful when you connect it with plug. At that time it begins warming.

    1. Panasonic SR-DF101 Microcomputer Rice Cooker:

    It provides latest fuzzy logic technology with useful controller. It delivers convenient result to you. How much it can adjust with cooking rice mostly depends on how much rice you are going to cook.

    Let alone brown rice, you can efficiently cook other kinds of rice as quickly as possible. This is user-friendly in all aspects. Multiple options are there to use with it.

    Manually, this is another best option to cook brown rice. For cooking basmati rice, just add a tablespoon of lemon rice. This will prevent getting sticky rice.

    You won’t need any pre-rice soaking when you use this Panasonic cooker. There is a measuring cup including the cooker. The ratio between the water and rice can easily be defined with it.

    Just closing the lid put the rice to the cooker. Use the button with your preference and start cooking. Keeping warm function is another common feature of this cooker.

    This useful function supports the cooker to keep the rice warm for extended period of time. This will leave you with no worries even you are late at returning home for any reason.

    1. Oster 3071 Smart Digital Rice Cooker:

    This model of the Oster brand is completely efficient in cooking brown rice in the fastest time possible. In general, it takes a bit of time more to cook brown rice.

    That’s why this cooker will be a good choice for them who are greatly concerned. A high-end locking lid is attached with the cooker. This is black in color. It is designed with stainless steel with 20 cups of cooked rice capacity.

    It is a spectacular unit with digital functions. There are 5 programmable functions in it. Those are very simple to use. It includes steam, brown rice, white rice, soup making, and breakfast preparing features as well.

    The smart digital panel is attractive and easily adjusts with the temperature. This model can produce less steam than Aroma. It works with lower wattage. It takes 45-60 minutes for rice preparing.

    Again the power cord is another convenient feature of it. This is small in size. For an instance, you can optionally use cord extension. There is a short manual with it. Less amount of recipe is there for you in it. If you require some recipe suggestion, you can take its help. It takes a bit of time more to cook brown rice compared to the other cookers I mentioned in the list. Yet this cooker is helpful for you.

    Conclusion: Finally, we have successfully step on to the last part of this Content. This article mainly aims at giving you those wonderful ideas for cooking brown rice. This enables you to learn how to cook brown rice in rice cooker.

    Furthermore, we have illustrated about 5 best brown rice cookers to satisfy your craving to know about the cooker. They are very actionable and user-friendly too. These will definitely sooth your desirable needs. I truly believe that you will love this article. Hopefully, you can implement the recipe and enjoy your cooking.<>

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Best Sanyo Rice Cooker

Best Sanyo Rice Cooker

Most of the kitchen managers have to face unwanted issues while cooking rice. What should be your reaction when you produce mushy or burnt rice? Best Sanyo rice cooker is there for you to mitigate your worries in a second. Let’s know about the other important functions and quality it contains.

Why you choose Best Sanyo rice cooker:

Every home manager wants a simple cooking appliance as his/her kitchen assistant that works great. Sanyo is one of the best rice cooker among all appliances.
1. Measuring cup for cooking rice: Measurement is an important fact in cooking rice. Sanyo is there to understand your needs and that’s why it includes a beautiful measuring cup along with the cooker.
Also, it has a good system for measuring water perfectly. Excessive water may spoil the cooking by boiling too much. Again less water is responsible for incomplete rice.
All just you have to do is to put the inner pot into the main unit. And you have to close the lids to prepare rice with perfect texture.
The menu option is there for you what you need to select for your desired rice cooking. With just this best mini rice cooker, you can cook white rice, porridge or brown rice.

Pressing the cook button, you have to start cooking and you can walk away resuming the cooking process. Sanyo will do its job with its praiseworthy and automatic functions.
2. Better warming methods: Sanyo rice cooker incorporates with the most demanded to keep warm mode. This is enough for keeping the rice hot and fresh around 12 hours long. This is applicable in all best Japanese rice cooker.

Make sure that you are not having this warm rice for more than 12 hours. It may turn your rice yellow or can produce a bad odor.
And you should not cook any mixed rice in Sanyo cookers as it may create an odor in the prepared rice.
3. Reheating the rice: There is a helpful inner pot associated with the cooker. It will help you a lot for easy transportation. The removable cooking bowl provides you easy usage.
With this feature, you can place the cooker directly on the dinner table or any place. The reheating functions provide an easy way of reheating the rice quickly.
You have to press the reheat button that is available there to the level. If you discover dry rice, then you need to add some extra water. Then reheat it to make it soften with this best small rice cooker.

4. Timer: There is also a timer including the cooker to preset the time for cooking. It maintains time with accuracy and makes you prepare with your works in a particular time.
<>Conclusion:<> Sanyo rice cooker must fulfill your desire with the most outstanding features. The working mechanism is as simple as usual. You don’t need to spend a lot of time with the cooker.
It contains all the excellent kitchen features that are going to serve you the best service forever.

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Best Japanese Rice Cooker

Best japanese rice cooker

Are you feeling interested to add a new Japanese kitchen gadget in your kitchen room? Thankfully, the best kitchen appliances are made in Japan. That’s why your choice is pretty good to have best Japanese rice cooker.

I don’t know how many times you have burnt your rice or how many times you are getting tired with the last night’s leftover rice. But with the Japanese rice cooker, you must experience a nice cooking menu with fluffy rice.
Again, you should be pleased to serve nice and warm rice to your family and friends of course. That’s why Japanese cookers will suit your needs perfectly as it has latest and advanced technological terms. In this article, we will learn a lot of ideas about that.

Classification of Best Japanese Rice Cooker

There are some models of Japanese rice cookers. They are
1. Tiger Rice Cooker.
2. Tiger JNP-1800-FL 10-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker.
3. Zojirushi Rice Cooker.
4. Zojirushi NSTSC10 5 Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer.
5. Aroma Small rice cooker.
6. Hamilton beach rice cooker
7. Best Cuckoo Rice Cooker.
8. Panasonic Rice Cooker.

We can classify 4 kinds of best Japanese Rice Cookers. Here is their comprehensive discussion.

1. Conventional Rice Cookers:

These kinds of rice cookers are being invented in 1955. Toshiba first explored it. Having very simple design with the cheap price range, these cookers offer you the best cooking appliance. There are switch off and on mode available in conventional cookers. Keeping warm function made it simply the best. When you’re cooking finishes, it automatically turns in the desired switch and put your rice warm for the extended period of time.
Quality and taste of Conventional cookers:
With just a simple press in a button, you have to start the cooking. The taste and quality are amazing with it. If you seldom eat rice and not bothered by the taste at all, you can choose a conventional cooker for you.

2. Micom cookers:

Micom cookers usually cover with micro-computerized technology that is conducted with a simple micro-chip. Also, you can consider it as ‘’fuzzy logic technology’’.
Easy adjustments with the time and temperature setting are the best output of the Micom cookers. It does mean to beautifully cope with the changes situation inside the rice cooker.
I am making it more clearly to you. If you are interested in making different kinds of dishes or different grain, these micom cookers will easily adjust to the existing temperature in the exact time setting.
Moreover, the heating element associated with these kinds of cookers is ready to heat the cooking container.
Quality, taste, and price of Micom cookers:
If you want to have delicious rice items, Micom cookers will be the best-suited equipment for you. This kind of Japanese cookers offers the suitable balance between the cost, taste, and quality of rice cookers.
It maintains the top step up compared to the conventional rice cookers. The price range is not too high for the consumers. It ranges in between the $60 – $200. It’s quite affordable in price. It offers you lowest price rice cooker.
If Particular quality with top tire features is your best priority, then Micom cookers should be the top notion choice for you.

3. Micom+Induction heating rice cookers:

If you are damn serious about getting perfect rice, then Induction heating cookers should be your suitable choice. The Japanese manufacturers apply an electrical current and prepare a magnetic field and use this technology in the induction cookers.
As a result, the entire cooking bowl turns in to a source of immense heat. If this happens, this is the best advantage for the consumers. As the bowl is being heated with the highest heating source, you will get faster-cooked rice.
At the end of the day, you will surely get fluffy and delicious rice. Once you are habituated with IH Japanese cookers, you won’t need to look back on others cookers as it ideally offers you the best way to cook rice.
Quality, taste, and price of the Micom+Induction Cookers:
Compared to the Micom cookers, this is the best and perfect cooker that is widely renowned in making your rice perfect with the high tech features. If money is not a problem for you, you can have the IH cookers with a range of $200-$400.

4. Micom+Pressurized+Induction Heating Rice Cookers:

If you are searching the fanciest rice cookers with modern features, Pressurized induction Japanese cookers are undoubtedly the eye-catching cooking appliance for you.
Induction heating makes a better combination with stronger pressure cooking here. This ultimately produces the desired temperature in the cooking container.
Additionally, the high temperature is solely responsible to make the texture of the rice perfect and suitable for better digestion.
Actually, it will generate the best rice that you have ever eaten in your lifetime.
Quality, taste, and price of the pressurized and Induction heating cookers:
In quality, it never makes any compromise at all. It simply produces better rice with the perfection in taste. The properties of rice will make the noticeable difference compared to the other kinds of cookers.
It seems to have a feeling to bring rice from any top quality restaurant in Japan. These cookers are really worth for your price. You will get both fluffy and tasty rice in your every bite.
Pressurized IH Japanese cookers are the highest quality cookers with the great price range. It starts from a range of $300 and there are more models up to this range. Some of the models have crossed the range of $800 too.

How to select the best Japanese rice cooker

However, it is true that Japanese are very conscious of making their products unprecedented and peerless. They leave no stone un-turned to make their rice cookers the best one.
Now the question is in which qualities a consumer must seek in a Japanese appliance. Below I am trying to put them all together for the convenient of the customers.
1. Pot capacity: It needs less to mention the importance of cooking pot capacity. Before buying a Japanese cooker, you must spare some time to think about your family size.
Based on your family size or your need, it mostly depends on how much pot capacity you want.
There are multiple sizes in a rice cooker. If you are single, you can buy 1 cup of the capacity cooker. Also, there are plenty of cookers which are bigger in size and have the capacity of 10 cups of cooker too.
Keep a Thing in mind and that is a Japanese cup is approximately equivalent to 6 ounces of the cup. Never mix it with a US cup.
2. Cooker’s innovative modes: As I have already mentioned above that Japanese cookers have a variety of classifications. Now which one you want to buy completely depends on you. Your decision of buying also depends on some factors.
Let me make it as concise and understandable. Before buying cookers, you need to think about in which temperature and time you want in cooking rice.
Again which types of rice you want to cook and how much water the cooker needs as to the manual instruction. For an example, Porridge rice needs plenty of water while cooking. On the other hand, white rice doesn’t require that.
The best thing about the Japanese cooker is it is versatile and most programmable in settings and functions. That’s why whatever you want to cook, there is pre-programmable functions set-up on the cooker. Just pressing a simple button, you can prepare your desired dishes.
3. Timer option: In most cases, people want to fix the timing of cooking rice. A timer provides you those facilities to follow. All just you have to do is to set the start in time as well as with delay time.
This will enable the cooker easily turn on to the automatic programmable functions. If you have to go for office work early morning, then you must set the timer such a way so that you can return at the lunch time and have fluffy and warm tic till then.
4. Keeping-warm function: This is an important function in any rice cooker. Japanese rice cooker also have this programs. If you have a cooker that has been ideally equipped with a keeping warm function is simply the best for you.
Additionally, it helps you retain the rice properties with actual flavor and aroma you desire. This will save your electricity bill to an extent. In this way, the rice cooker itself doesn’t consume too much heat and use less energy to operate.
In most of the Japanese cooker, this keeps warm mode is found automatically. Enjoy this functional program and produce good aroma small rice cooker.
5. Non-stick utensils: Japanese manufacturers always maintain their quality of the products strictly. That’s why they use non-stick pots to save the rice from unnecessary burning.
Again the non-sticky layer is ready to help you in removing the stains badly. Amidst all non-stick materials, aluminum could be the quality one that is the most effective material for you.
6. Watts: If you want to buy a family cooking appliance then it requires flexible size wattage that is suitable for your family. Thus it can produce a lot of rice for your family.
Generally, watts indicate the ultimate strength and the superior speed of a rice cooker. Often in most cookers, you will find 600 spots. In a best mini rice cooker, it is about 300 watts.
7. Kitchen options: In some Japanese cooker models, there are options only to cook rice. But in other models, you will surely find some extra features that contain a heating element with a variety of cooking procedure.
To make this conception clear to you, I am making it more transparent. Apart from rice, it can provoke your mind to prepare some other tasty and delicious dishes.
For an example, you made up your mind to cook other vegetables, soups many kinds of cereals, you can prepare them also with the Japanese cooker.
At each and every phase, you will get the right texture of the rice as there are various cooking options for you.
8. Dimensions: Another important notion that you can’t overlook is the size of the rice cooker. This is much important for the students who have to live in small spaces sharing the room with others.
Best rice cooker offers you the most valuable opportunities with high tech programmable functions. If you have a small room with small family, you can prefer using the best small rice cooker to manage the kitchen room with easy transportation.
Basically small cookers are easy to carry and flexible to use. Therefore, you can easily pack it and move from one place to another comfortably.
9. Weight:  In most cases, heavy weight rice cookers are designed with stainless steel. They are not easy to carry. That’s why weight is another considerable factor that goes up to your choice.
If you want light weight cookers, also you will find that. They are portable and that’s why easy to carry. If you are living in an apartment and don’t love to carry heavy cookers, then it is good for you to choose light one.
10. Digital Display: In Japanese cookers, there is a notable and spectacular function is the display. This is visible to you. Through the Digital LCD monitor, you can easily view the temperature and cooking process finally.
<>Conclusion:<> Slowly we have reached the final note of this article. Here we have discussed broadly the best Japanese rice cooker, their important and considerable features with some best Japanese cookers models.
People who are a new comer in buying purpose, this article will help the lot I think. Moreover, who are looking for the best one, this guide may assist them.

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Oster rice cooker instructions

oster rice cooker instruction

Are you ready to get back the perfect texture and awesome flavor in your rice every day? This is the right time for you to upgrade your cooker. Oster rice cooker instructions is offering you the tremendous functionality to make well-cooked rice.

In this article, we have rounded up the most trusted features and their facilities related to the Oster. Hopefully, you will stay with us till the end.

The most common features of Oster rice cooker

These cookers are simply the best in having the perfect features and provide quality service to the consumers effectively. Let’s discuss about it in-details.

Versatile cooker: The versatility they provide is simply amazing to think. With just a single cooking appliance, you are able to prepare so many food items in different ways.

There is a steam basket available in the cooker. One can easily steam vegetables with it. In addition, you can cook white rice, brown rice, meat, fishes, variety of vegetable items with it.

Tempered glass lid:  Most of the models of the Oster cookers have tempered glass lid. It actively enables the user to monitor the rice is being steamed or cooked perfectly or not. The best way to cook rice is to close the lid while cooking.

The handle of it is pretty cool and touch friendly. For the reason, even if the lid is too hot to touch, you can handle it with perfection. Moreover, you can have a clear view of the cooking procedure with this fascinating feature.

Dynamic functionalities: Some of the Oster models have browning functionality. Some others have steaming tray, rice measuring cup, removable inner pot etc.

Therefore, you will see some outstanding locking lids including a handle in some Oster cooking appliances. The programmable features are in a word outstanding.

Automatic keeping warm functions:

This valuable feature is beneficial for keeping the rice warm for long. It enables the cooker keep the rice fresh, moist and fluffy. After you finished cooking, it automatically switches to the keep warming function.

Size and capacity: The Oster cookers have small to large cooking capacity as well. It ranges from 3 cups up to 20 cups of cooking capacity as well. The models are being designed like that thinking about the small or large family size.

Also, you can buy small or large cookers depending on you and your family requirements.

Inexpensive: Are you getting worried thinking about the budget of rice cooker? Of course, there is nothing to worry more as Oster cookers are offering their products at a very reasonable price range.

However, the best thing about them is they are pocket-friendly in price. Also, they provide you significant advantages and features to the consumers.

How to use Oster rice cooker

Take necessary preparation: First of all, you need to take your measured rice and rinse it with perfection. The ratio between water and rice mostly depends on what types of rice you are going to cook.

If you want your rice look soft and fluffy, water should follow the double amount of your required rice.

Start with your Oster cooker: In this stage, put the rinsed rice in your inner cooking container. Then close the locking lid of your Oster cooker and plug it in to an electrical switch and turn it on.

Red light will display when you finished the plugged in process perfectly.

Warming: While the cooker completed cooking rice, the red light indicator will turn in to yellow. This will let you know the instant message of keeping the rice warm for long time.

If you find the rice cooling down, the red light will display again and start reheating it with required temperature.

Use the steamer tray: You can use the provided steamer tray associated with the Oster cooker. Of course, it will help you preserve the proper nutrients managing the color rightfully.

For doing so, you need to peel the vegetables and cut them. You must use 1/3 cup of water in it, if needed, you can mix corn, broccoli, peas etc. with it.

Clean up maintenance: Only using the cooker won’t be a wiser decision. You must clean every part and accessories to keep it last for long. You can use dishwasher and damp sponge to do so. Make sure you are unplugging it before you start cleaning.

Conclusion: At the final note, we can say that using the Oster rice cooker will benefit you a lot if you can use it remembering the instructions well.

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Best Hamilton Beach rice cooker

best hamilton beach rice cooker

Rice cookers are popular and widely used kitchen appliance over the years. When it comes to comes to know about the most simplicity in any kitchen gadget, The best Hamilton beach rice cooker are undoubtedly the great choice for you to consider.

Using these cookers, a homemaker can feel pleased with remarkable kitchen experience as well. The multiple functionalities also allow the best features and you can reap the highest benefits from it. In this article, I will let you know the key features, their usage and the advantages about these brand cookers.

The Features of best Hamilton Beach rice cooker:

Currently, we are discussing about the immediate features that Hamilton beach rice cookers contains. Also, we will know the way it functions and the extensive usage of it.

Cooking Capacity Sizes: The capacity size of a cooker largely measured in two ways. Mostly Japanese manufacturers fixed it upon the uncooked cup of rice. On the contrary, Americans count it upon cooked rice.

However, Hamilton beach cooker have capacity from 4 to 20 cups of uncooked rice. This is enough to maintain medium to large size families of course. If you are about to host any party, Hamilton beach slow cookers might help you a lot in that case.

Conventional heating technology: These kinds of cooking appliances are not going to be patterned with a digital cooking gadget. Also, it doesn’t have any fuzzy logic or modern heating technology in its feature.

A heating plate is widely used to heat the cooked dishes or rice. Here you must put your cooked food to the inner cooking container to prepare them well. The produced steam inside would like to help to cook the food.

Easy functionality: Hamilton beach cooker are very easy to use. This great feature makes it appealing to the consumer’s eyes. Removable lid and inner cooking container makes the cleaning task simple and convenient for the users.

After every cooking finished, you can easily remove the dirty filth and clean the items with a dishwasher. Moreover, there is a single touch button available in these models. Easy menu setting makes you to easily operate every function with deep confidence.

LCD monitor and timer: To make your cooking experience more simple and dynamic, The Hamilton models add LCD monitors to view the cooking process. As you can’t open the lid while cooking, this opportunity is going to please your mind of course.

Nevertheless, a timer enables the user to set up the time. That’s why you need not to worry about it anymore. Automatically, the cooker will switch to your desired functions and set up maintain the exact time and temperature.

Automatic keep warm functionality: When the cooking is done completely, it automatically turns on the keeping warm functions. This amazing feature keeps the rice fluffy and warm for long. Your family will have fresh and moist rice even after you finished it long time ago.

Design: Hamilton  rice cooker are making noticeable difference on the market places. These mini rice cookers are featuring with simple designs. The simple but attractive dazzling look attracts the customer’s attention in a second.

Benefits of Having Hamilton beach slow cooker:

If you own a Hamilton rice cooker, plenty of benefits are there for you to enjoy. Let’s have a close look at the number of profits it provides to the consumers.

Versatility: Are you getting bored of cooking the same dishes again and again? There is nothing to worry about when Hamilton rice cooker are there for you. It allows a user the best way to cook white rice.

As it provides you the multiple functionalities for cooking different kinds of dishes, you will have a dynamic dinner of course. Some tasty food such as oatmeal’s, veggies, chicken, desserts, white rice or brown rice etc. you can gladly prepare with this single cooking appliance brand.

Affordable: Everybody can’t afford to have expensive cookers. Hamilton offers the opportunity of buying their cheap rice cooker models with reasonable price. There are different kinds of prominent online marketplaces such as Amazon, E-bay etc.

The customer’s positive reviews will also lead you to purchase the Hamilton beach slow cooker as they are truly great.

Flexible functional mechanism: The settings are very comfortable to use for a consumer. The programmable options will make you set your desired temperature with the correct time.

Conclusion: Hamilton beach rice cooker will include immense comfort to your lives. They are easy to carry with great programs. If you are determined to buy these cookers, it won’t disappoint you.

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Best Cheap rice cooker

best cheap rice cooker

Are you frowning at reading the word ‘’Cheap”? There is no room to think like that dear. Not always it means something like less quality. In this case, cheap rice cookers mean to have helpful kitchen assistance in an affordable budget. Not every time you need to use expensive models as a kitchen appliance. All you need to use the cooker for cooking multiple dishes that also will serve you with well-cooked rice. In this best cheap rice cooker instruction, I am going to illustrate about these type of kitchen gadget in details. Here you will get to know about the using method of these cookers, their key features with some other essential aspects.

What is the best cheap rice cooker?

Have you ever remembered any memories about eating rice? Was it delicious or tasteless? By the time, you may have experience in having many well-cooked dishes. Am I right?

You may be wondering what could be the key difference in having variety of experience in eating rice. Actually, what is the tool that ultimately creates the big difference? Alright, this is rice cooker which contains an inner cooking container. A heating place is there underneath of it. While you start plugging in the electric device, it begins the process of cooking rice.

Simply you can cook rice taking your measured rice and adding enough amount of water in it. In this article, we will know more about using cheap rice cookers and its using method.

Features and functions of best cheap rice cooker:

Not every individual can afford to buy a small rice cooker with expensive budget. Won’t they use electric rice cooker for that reason? Of course, they can access to have their desired cooking gadget even if in a small budget.

In these cookers, quality is maintained also with reasonable price. Now we want to have a look what kinds of features they provide to the frugal consumers.

Settings: If you are planning to use this electric appliance to cook different kinds of dishes every day, you must check the settings. For an example, your family members have different choice in terms of rice.

Some like eating white rice or some prefer to have brown rice or sushi rice. Others time, you may love to have soups, chicken curry or other vegetables you enjoy to have.

In the quality cheap rated cookers, different kinds of settings you will find. Just pressing your desired button, you can comfortably prepare your preference food items.

Auto keeping warm function: “Are you in a hurry to keep balancing with your job or other task?” Don’t have time to check the position of your rice? Well, there is nothing to worry about as there is an automatic keep warm function available in the cooker.

This perfect and amazing feature provides you fluffy rice once your rice is prepared. It automatically switches off to the perfect temperature and keeps the rice warm for extended period of time.

Non-stick cooking container with glass lid:

In most models of mini budget cookers, you will get a non-stick cooking pot. This nice feature will help produce rice from getting sticky. Moreover, you can have moist and fluffy rice too.

A glass lid is undoubtedly important part in every mini rice cooker. Here you will also find it available. It helps rice absorb the vitamins and minerals. That may have chances to go way through vapor without a lid.

Delay timer: This should be a great feature for you while you need to take break for any work. It will enable the cooker to prepare your rice perfectly even if you are not there.

Easy Maintenance: Would you like to spend a lot of time in just cleaning the cooker’s utensils? Of course, you won’t love to do that. That’s why easy cleanup is must to have in a rice cooker.

When you are about to go to buy it, you must inspect this function. In many cheap rice cooker models, you will find it. Make sure your kitchen gadget in small budget provides you this facility to clean entire food residue effectively.

Cooking capacity: This is another deciding factor to look at. Generally, every rice cookers have their individual capacity. Cheap rated cookers also have it. All just you have to think what kinds of cookers you need to buy for your family. Mostly, it depends on your family size.

Price: The price of any rice cookers ranges from reasonable rate to expensive. As we are discussing about rice cookers lowest price onlinebut having good quality, we should think about those cookers which we can afford to purchase.

There are some best rice cookers under$100. You can buy your desired one from online.

How to use a cheap rated rice cooker:

This is pretty much simple to cook rice using cookers with affordable budget. Actually, the device is not so tough to use if you read the manual description provided by the manufacturer company.

Advanced technology is being used here in the cookers to enhance the comfortable opportunity for every consumer. Still, there are some useful techniques. Applying the best way to cook rice, probably you can have a better cooking experience ever.

Rinse the rice: Rinsing the rice is the precondition before you start cooking rice. Take a large bowl and put your measured rice in it. Then fill it with water. Of course, you should swirl the rice in a circular motion.

Repeatedly do it till the cloudy water doesn’t run clear. In reality, you won’t get it fully clear. Still, try to clean it as much as possible to do.

Put sufficient water on rice:

Once you are done with rinsing the grains completely, add enough water on rice. Electric cookers generally functions through boiling the grains maintaining the correct temperature.

Basically, the water and rice ratio should be 1:1.  The rice starts absorbing the water and contains the vitamin and minerals. Putting the correct amount of water is important to maintain.

Keep the rice rest: After the cooking is finished completely, you should allow it to rest for couple of minutes. Hence, you should make the water level stabilize for a while. During the moment, never open the lid at all. Believe me; your waiting will be worthwhile.

Again, you will get moisturizer in rice even the cooking is finished. Eating the rice at that stage will end up serving a bit of mushy state. If you let the rice rest, it must appear as a perfect texture.

Never open the electric cooker while cooking: Are you getting puzzled after reading this headline? OK, I know, you are in a lot of confusion. Let me clear about that. Of course, you need to open the best mini rice cooker to eat rice.

But I am repeatedly warning you not to open when you are cooking. Even if your cooking is finished, try not to open it unless extreme necessity.

Again, when you are closing the lid, try to close it tightly. Water vapor should not run away in any way. Otherwise, this will end up drying out the rice quickly.

Put your electric kitchen gadget plugged in:

Here I am going to share some better idea with you about using the cheap rice cookers. Keeping the electric functions plugged in is necessary to have moist rice with taste. The best way for serving rice is to do it even after you finished your cooking hours before.

Never use metal utensils: As I have mentioned before, mini budget electric rice cookers have non-stick surfaces. That’s why using the metal elements can be a great threat to it. Number of unwanted scratches can happen to it due to having used of metal forks or spoon.

In my opinion, the best way to avoid this troublesome incident is to use plastic spoon. That’s how; this threatening experience can ever be avoided effectively.

Cleaning the cooker: Cleaning is a necessary parts of your effort. Mostly, dishwashers are widely used after each usage of the appliance. This is much needed requirement to clean it periodically.

However, you need to remove the residue at first completely. You may try to use a scrub along with dishwasher. Various kinds of contaminants can take their places on to the reliable non-stick surfaces. And you need to wash of their breeding ground for sure.

Some models have removable parts and accessories. That’s why you need to clean them individually. More importantly, if you use your rice cooker on regular basis, the constant heat and air flowing might prevent growing unnecessary molds or spores.

Some additional tips to use rice cookers in low budget

  • Reading the manuals is a vital task to follow when you are about to buy a rice cooker. As different manufacturers have different strategy with settings, that’s why it’s mandatory to read the instructions thoroughly.
  • Be careful in moving the cookers from your stove. For your caring concern, never intend to touch the hot surface of the cooker. In that case, using the handle will be the best option.
  • During clean up; never immerse the electric part in water. Otherwise, the cooker can get damaged or might stop functioning.
  • Keep your kids away from your cooking gadget.
  • When you are about to clean the cooker, unplug it for sure.
  • The bowl or cooking pot used inside the pot should not be removes till your cooking appliance is on.

Why should you use low budget rice cooker:

When you are newbie in the rice cooker world, different types of weird thoughts might hit your head naturally. You might be thinking about what should be the best one for you.

To remove your confusion, you can have a try to buy small budget cookers. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I am suggesting you to purchase less quality products.

Furthermore, one thing you should have a clear conception about. Low budget doesn’t mean low quality for each product compared to the budget rice cooker. Advanced technologies with impressive features are also equipped in that.

As you are not expert in buying it anytime, initiate your journey with cheap rated cookers which are useful enough for your daily kitchen activities. Moreover, there are some other benefits you can have from it. Below I want to mention it in details.

Some mention of chose low budgets rice cooker:

  • With this established cooking appliance, you can have perfectly cooked rice every time.
  • They are helpful in keeping the temperature perfect in particular phase of cooking.
  • A  part from rice, you can prepare a variety of dishes such as lentils, soups, chicken or beef curry, veggies etc. with it. As there are different setting functions associated with it. Pressing your desired button, you can operate its functionality and mechanism and manage the heat and temperature well.
  • These inexpensive cookers save your precious time. And for the reason, you can utilize your saved time to get other works done.
  • Different kinds of rice such as white rice, brown rice, sushi rice, porridge etc. you can prepare and serve towards your family using the cooker. These kinds of rice are healthier and a good source of vitamin, minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins.
  • If you want to have fluff, hot and moist rice for long time, this amazing cooking gadget can deliver you those impressive facilities to eat and serve rice like that. It will prevent your rice from getting sticky or mushy. Automatic setting up functions is thoughtfully designed like that.

Conclusion: If you are getting bored on the frustrating performance of your previous cooker, you can have one of your desired rice cookers for your own benefits. As I have described earlier about the potential performance of it.

I hope that you are highly benefited with this cheap rice cooker instruction article. If you have any further inquiry, you can leave your comment here with your question.

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Best mini electric rice cooker for perfect cook rice

best mini electric rice cooker

A rice cooker is one of the latest kitchen assistant that has been used throughout the year. Do you have a small family? Then the best mini electric rice cooker should be a great investment of you.
I can assure you that you won’t have to regret for taking the decision to buy small cookers. In quality, size, features as well as functions, they are simply the best choice with no doubt.
Choosing a small rice cooker will cover up your requirements completely. There are plenty of options available in the marketplace. If you are new and have no prior experience about it, we want to give you a clear conception about it. Let’s read this article to the end for knowing about it in-details.

Advantages of Best mini electric rice cooker:

Here we want to highlight about the most positive advantages of having a small rice cooker. In fact, we want to shed some lights to the fact for your caring concern.

1. Multi-functional cooking appliance:

Mini rice cooker has superior capacity of cooking various kinds of rice such as Jasmine, white rice, brown rice. Moreover, a number of delicious food items can be cooked such as porridge, vegetable or chicken soups etc.
In addition, if you want to steam the vegetables, you can also do it. All you have to do is to just press a button. Consequently, with the multiple functions, they will start working.

2. Small size:

Mini rice cookers are relatively small in size. The most important fact is you can use them for your small family. Again if you want to use it for individual needs, also you can do that.
Mini rice makers won’t consume a lot of space of your kitchen. So, people who have limited space to live, mini electric rice cooker could be the best option for them.

3. Non-stick pan:

Non-stick pans are incredible addition of small rice cookers. That means you won’t find any sticky rice on the pan for this outstanding feature. How do you feel when you find rice sticky during the cooking period?
Moreover, this ensures an easy cleaning for you. Again scrapping foods are like a burden for any home makers.

4. Keeping warm functions:

This is another advantage that a mini electric cooker provides to the consumers. If you prefer to keep your rice fresh and don’t want to serve it immediately, you can use this feature. Making the best use of it, you can serve hot and fluffy rice to your family even when it is cooked couple of hours ago.

Why you should choose Best mini electric rice cooker:

Do you have any experience in using a rice cooker and prepare rice with it? Whoever has tried this for once, they know about this fine art by now.
A rice cooker can be compared with the life saver in your kitchen. Now the question is why there is so necessity to select small cookers while the marketplace is completely loaded with so many options. Now I want to illustrate about the importance of choosing a mini rice maker.

Time saving features:

In this advanced modern era, people are busy with their respective jobs. Most of us find less time to spend in rice cooking. In this case, small electric rice cookers can play a massive role in saving your valuable time.
These cookers work automatically and present fine cooked rice before you even if you are not at home to monitor it. If you leave for your office and turn on the automatic functions, it will do its job nicely with the amazing setting up functions.

Versatile approach:

Nowadays rice cookers are not only used for cooking rice’s, but also you can use them for variety of purposes. Today you will definitely get cookers that has capacity of steaming, pressure cooking etc.
Multi-cooking dishes also you can prepare with this small rice cookers. Soups, porridge, chicken or beef items, veggies etc. you can cook using the most approaching functions.

Perfect cooking:

Confusion grows when you are new at rice cooking. How much water and rice you need to cook rice perfectly can be a serious question to you. No worries for that at all.
For contributing a great part at cooking, small cookers are designed to act like a kitchen assistant. At mini rice cooker recipes, you will find basic instructions about the cooking ratio of the ingredients. This will let you complete the perfect rice cooking.

Easy cleaning:

Think about that how annoying is to clean scrapping food? There is easy cleaning maintenance approved by the small rice cookers. This is the simple solution to fix these kinds of problems.
These cooking appliances are made of quality materials or ceramic, that’s why easy cleaning is very simple to do. Hence, you can use a dishwasher to wash them.
If you want to avoid sticking or burning, these cookers will help you a lot. Small cookers are aesthetically designed with individual parts and accessories. It’s easy for the user to clean.

Space saver:

Small rice cookers save space in your kitchen. Choosing a quality cooking appliance is a smart investment to make your kitchen experience comfortable.
Small families sometimes can’t afford enough spaces for kitchen. So thinking about a rice cooker is just a big hassle for them. To make you a bit of relax, small cookers are there for you to mitigate your limitations.
Basically mini cookers are not large in size. That’s why they never consume so many spaces in kitchen. That’s how they can make your kitchen related activities smoother and comfortable.


This is an outstanding feature of every mini cooker. You can use this facility in your every necessary usage. If you want to take the cooking appliance with you in any place, you can carry this portable mini rice cooker without any hassle.
As usual, these mini rice cookers for travelling issues work simply the best. If you have schedule for going to any picnic or any remote places, these portable mini electric rice cookers will act as considerable and helpful appliance for you.

Easy usage for the consumers:

Rice cookers should be easy to use. If you are unable to utilize it for your convenience easily, there is no benefit left for you. Small cookers are easy to operate with amazing functions. You need not to put any effort in the input works.
Again automatic setting up modes will create a great privilege to use it for making the best outputs from it. Therefore, these mini cookers will show you the perfect measurement of the ingredients to put in the cooker for food preparing.


The capacity of every cooking appliance is generally determined with the measuring cup. Now you can ask me how? Well, actually how many cups of cooked rice it can generate is the ultimate measuring method of each rice cooker. There are different kinds of brands for mini rice cookers in price and capacity. They are Aroma, Jojirushi, Panasonic, Cuckoo and Tiger as well as Wolfgang puck mini rice cooker. These brands are reputed as top rated brands.
Nevertheless, many of small cookers have up to six cups of capacity in producing cooked rice. You can buy them based on your family demand. The most interesting fact is you can use it even if you are a single person. Even you can use mini rice cooker for baby too.

Additional cooking functions:

Many small rice cookers have extra cooking functions to make delicious food menus. Considering the fact, you can also choose it as your perfect cooking assistant.

Pocket friendly:

These cookers are great in price. If you want to save your hard-earned money, then these small cookers will definitely meet your needs. Eventually, you will get it at cheap price compared to other medium or large rice cookers.

Effective working mechanism:

Mini rice cookers will deliver an effective working mechanism to every consumer. They are simple to use and outstanding in a word. Some models have inbuilt thermometer. You can detect the perfect absorption of rice with this amazing feature.
When cooking, these cookers will automatically turn to control temperature and keep the rice fresh. It keeps your rice safe. Moreover removable parts of cookers provide extra opportunities in cleaning the utensils easily.


Another important option to choose small cookers is the warranty point. The truth is that each brands claim to deliver different warranty period to the people.
Make sure you are not buying a cooker that has less than a year of warranty.
Conclusion: Finally, we have reached on the very last part of this article. In this whole content, we have finally gathered a lot of ideas about the best mini electric rice cooker. They are essential kitchen gadget ensuring the best benefits for you.
These appliances allow you to enjoy every opportunities and luxuries associated with it. We have gathered a comprehensive research about the importance and absolute information about it. So enjoy cooking with mini rice cookers.

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This is MITSUBISHI NJ-XS104J-R Induction Heating (IH) rice cooker (Japan Import)

Customer Rating: 4.7

MITSUBISHI NJ-XS104J-R is a sophisticated electromagnetic induction heating cookers made by Mitsubishi that is a non-steamer cooker.
It uses ultrasonic waves at the time of preparing rice. That’s why every grain is cooked perfectly to the right degree with bringing the texture and consistency to everything inside.
Product Description and
Why you will buy MITSUBISHI NJ-XS104J-R:
Maximum cooking rice 1.0 L.
Steam less deliciousness.
Using Ultrasonic wave that provide every time perfectly cooked white rice
As a steam free cooker, the steam is retained in the rice.
Low energy setting is present.
Easy to use with big character LCD.
Steam free, so there will be no steam escape outside of the upper side that’s why can be put anywhere in the kitchen.
Bincho Charcoal coated for outer surface coat.
Inner court: Titan hard court, 3-layer coat.
High heating and the bottom shaping of the inner pot, large bubbles are generated, so cooking the rice is easy to lose plump.
Electromagnetic induction heating system.
Additional Information and Features:
Brand: Mitsubishi
Product Name: MITSUBISHI NJ-XS104J-R rice cooker
Dimension: 16.6 x 12.1 x 11.1 inches
Weight (approx): 14.3 pounds (6.4kg)
Capacity: 1-5.5 ligatures (0.18 L and 1.0 L)
Heating Method: IH
Color: Ruby red. (Top surface: black)
Maximum power consumption: 1350 W
Annual energy consumption: 88KW/year.
Maximum rice cooking capacity: 1.0 L
Manual: Japanese
Converter: Needed outside of Japan

you can see our amazon other rice cooker here.