Aroma 8 cup rice cooker

Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD 2-8-Cups (Cooked) Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker and Food Steamer


Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker 

Hello, guys now I’m reviewing the aroma 8 cup digital rice cooker this is the latest model with a quinoa function.

Product Overview

Appreciate simple home cooking with the AROMA 8-Cup (Cooked) Digital  rice Cooker and Food Steamer. For eat quality rice.

Solid steamed suppers. Scrumptious one-pot dishes. Set up this and more at the flip of a switch. The smell takes the “cook” out of home cooking – transforming kitchen time into your time.


Help the children with homework, get innovative at playtime or get that novel you’ve been holding up to plunge into. All while conveying hot, generous and solid dinners the whole family will love.

This helpful cooker’s minimal limit splendidly cooks 2 to 8 measures of an assortment of rice. Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

When the rice has completed, it will naturally change to Keep-Warm so there’s no requirement for observing or mixing. The Steam Tray takes into consideration sound steaming of meats and vegetables, even as rice cooks underneath. It’s likewise ideal for cereal, bean stew, jambalaya, soups thus substantially more.

What’s more, when the cooking is done, the internal cooking pot and all extras evacuate for simple cleanup.

Benefits feature this Aroma 8 Cup best rice cooker:

  • Steams meat and vegetables while rice cooks underneath
  • Straightforward, one-contact task with programmed keep-warm
  • Incredible for soups, jambalaya, bean stew thus considerably more
  • Simple to-perfect, nonstick removable inward pot
  • Incorporates steam plate, rice estimating container and serving spatula
  • Perfectly ready up to 8 Cup of an assortment of cooked rice
  • Steams meat and vegetables while rice cooks underneath
  • Simple to utilize, programmable advanced controls with automatic keep warm and white rice and Brown Rice capacities
  • Incredible for soups, jambalaya, bean stew thus considerably more
  • 15-hour postpone clock for adaptable supper arranging
  • Incredible for soups, jambalaya, chili, and more. Spare time with the Flash Rice work which slices concocting time by to half


  • steam tray
  • rice measuring cup
  • serving spatula
  • and exclusive recipes

Lid Included                      : Yes

Wattage (watts)                 : 350 Watts

Features                              : No Additional Features

Product Details:-

Prize                                   : $ 32.00 

Brand                                 :  Aroma

Volume Capacity             : 8 Cup

Appliance Type                : Rice/Slow Cooker

Capacity (qt.)                    : 2

Color/ Finish                    : White, Black

Product Weight (lb.)       : 4.2lb

Returnable                        : 30 days

Small Electric Product Type    : Rice Cooker

Style                                    :Classic, Cottage, Minimalist, Transitional.

Number of Pieces             : 4


How to cook or use this rice cooker?

Step 1:

Any rice cooker the cup sum implies measures of cooked rice so an 8. cup rice cooker will give you 8 measures of cooked rice not 8 cups of raw rice while cooking. Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

Step 2:

Don’t block the steam vent that’s in the middle

Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

Step 3:

This is the condensation collector press it pulls right out you can empty it after you’re done the cooking, it pushes right back in.

Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

Step 4:

Press the button on the handle to lift the lid

Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

Step 5:

This is the inner pot

Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

Step 6:

It has a non-stick coating if you’re measuring one cup of rice with the included. You would fill water to the one cup line so those are the water lines that you’d fill water up to for each cup of rice that.

Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

Step 7:

You cook a plastic steam tray included

As well as a spatula and the measuring cup

Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

There’s a table in the instruction manual with rice and water measurements and cooking times for white rice it’ll take 32 to 37 minutes and for brown rice 50 to 57 minutes. Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

When you first get the unit wash all the parts and warm soapy water and dry. these are also top rack dishwasher
safe. Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

Step 8:

Before you put the pot in the cooker make sure that the bottom is completely dry.

Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

The outside of the pot can be wiped down with a sodden fabric. the unit measures about nine and a half inches tall by nine inches across. the cord length is about 26 inches long. Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

Step 9:

The on the panel there is a white rice function, brown rice which is for longer cooking whole grains, quinoa quick rice which cooks about seven minutes faster than the white rice function, oatmeal saute then simmer,
Moderate cook which can be set from 2 to 10 hours and steam which keeps running from 5 to 30 minutes, after water has boiled with the postpone clock you can set an opportunity to have white rice prepared in 1 to 15 hours or
brown rice and 2 to 15 hours.

Aroma 8 Cup rice cooker

When anything your cooking is finished the unit will automatically go to keep warm mode. The keep warm function for rice is up to 12 hours.

The included plastic cup is what you’re going to use rice this is a standard u.s. 3/4 cup measure in case you lose it.1 cup of rice in this included cup is 140 grams or 5 ounces. Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

Step 10: Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

You can cook rice and cook vegetables or steam me at the same time, so I’ll cook long grain white rice and cut up green beans 2 cups of raw rice is the maximum you can cook if you’re gonna steam at the same time using.

Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cookerAroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

The measuring cup I’ve measured 2 cups of long grain white rice put that in the pot I’ll wash the rice and drain it I usually wash it three times. Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

Step 11: Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

Make sure to dry the outside of the bowl, pour water up to the line next to the number 2, that’s just about 16 ounces or 500 milliliters of water. close the lid plug in the unit turn the unit on and press white rice.

Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

The white rice light us on and you’ll see a chasing pattern the two cups of rice will take about 35 minutes to cook and the green beans take 15 minutes to steam .so I’ll set my timer to 20 minutes and put the beans in after that.

Step 12: Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

These are the cut-up green beans I’ll be steaming this is 8 ounces or about 235 grams, whenever you’re steaming goes directly in the steam tray and the instruction manual there’s also a steaming table for meat and vegetables with the amount of time it takes to cook.

There’s a lot of steam coming out of the vent so make sure you pull the unit away from your cabinets, it’s been 20 minutes I’m gonna open the lid and put the beans in, the closet he lid and the rice cooker will continue to cook. It’s been about 35 minutes total the green beans have been cooking for 15 so I’m gonna take them out.

Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

The beans are cooked perfectly I’m gonna take them out, it’s very hot be careful close the lid and we’ll let the rice finish cooking.

Step 13:

Now the display shows 10 minutes and it’s gonna start to count down so this was after 35 minutes the unit will count down the time at 10 minutes.

Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

Last Step:

The cycle is finished and it’s   one into keep warm mode so that took about 45 minutes to cook the two cups of rice and the green beans, opened the lid stir the rice to distribute any moisture.
Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker

There’s no rice stuck at the bottom, there’s a little bit of crustiness on the bottom there in the middle the rice
is cooked perfectly. Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once the unit goes in to keep warm mode. It will start to count up it is nice to be able to cook the rice and a meat or vegetable together so you can have everything ready at about the same time.

If you want to experiment with this  Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker then Then buy this product. I hope it’s helpful to you.

Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker Aroma 8 Cup digital rice cooker


If you have any questions regarding this product, then we will give you all the answers to the questions that you may feel in the following:-

Any question?

Question: is the cooking area aluminum or stainless steel?

Answer:  The cooking pot is Teflon coated aluminum. This cooker works really well. It produces great rice. And allows one to focus on things other than rice.

Question: I have one but the rice seems to stick and sometimes start to burn in the bottom. I do follow the directions. Any suggestions?

Answer: When cooking basmati brown rice, I learned to ignore the written instructions as they always left the rice under cooked and dry. Instead, I rinse the rice thoroughly a few times then add water until its surface is 1/2″ above the top of the rice. This consistently results in rice that is moist without being mushy.

Question: How big is the vegetable tray inside? Can I fit a small bag of baby carrots inside?

Answer: I think a bag of baby carrots would fit perfectly.

Question: Is there a minimum number of cups of rice to be cooked? Can we just cook one cup of rice?

Answer: Yes, you can cook as little as 1/2 cup. If you just want to steam vegetables you don’t have to cook any rice, just add fluid in the bottom and place the basket on top with your vegetables in it.

Question: Is the steaming tray BPA free?

Answer: The steam tray is constructed of BPA free plastic.


>>>If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section of this post<<<

Question: Does this model have a timer for the rice? ie tell the time until done?

Answer:  The first part of the cook cycle (bringing it to a boil, I imagine) doesn’t exactly have a timer, but it is more of a loading symbol. Then after it has been heated all the way, a countdown begins as to when all the water is absorbed. I can attest that the times are indeed different depending on how much you put in it. The beep made when it was finished scared the crap out of me the first time though! It’s really loud. Hope this helped!

Question: Does it shut off automatically and go to the Warm mode when finished cooking?

Answer: yes it does…but you will have to shut it off from there unless you want it to sit on keep warm for 10+ hours.

Question: Confused: Is the measurement for one cup of rice the WHOLE measuring cup or just to where it says 3/4?

Answer: The “1 cup” measuring cup it comes with is 3/4 of a cup. If you only fill it to the 3/4 line, it will not be enough for the amount of water used. Likewise, if you use your standard 1 cup measuring cup, it will be too much. If you lose the cup it comes with, using a regular 3/4 measuring cup will be the same amount as if you used a full “1 cup” of the one it came with. Confusing, I know. Hopefully, that makes sense.


>>>If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section of this post<<<

Question: Does it cook quinoa easily?

Answer: Absolutely! Just likes you’re cooking rice. I put a tad more water though, probably 25% more than called for so that it comes out a little more tender and fluffier. Other than that it’s really no different than cooking the rice. For awesome quinoa add seasoning to your water or better yet, both!

Question: Can this be used as a slow cooker like the larger model? If so how?

Answer: I think you can use this rice cooker as a slow cooker. I made bean soup. Started it on steam for about 20 min and then switched it to keep warm. when I checked the soup in the warm setting after 20 min, it was barely simmering. so I know it cooks low and slow. experiment with it. u can do it!

Question: how long does it take to steam the rice?

Answer: I make about 2 cups at a time and it takes about 20 mins. Then switches to warm and will keep warm up to 10 hrs.

Question: Can you remove or detach the cover of the cooker to clean it? Overall, how easy is it to clean this cooker?

Answer: It is very easy to clean it. The inside is removable. The lid is not. We haven’t had a problem cleaning the lid, however, I guess you could remove the lid if you wanted to by removing the screw (Phillips’ head)… hope this helps…


>>>If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section of this post<<<

Question: I have this cooker but rice starch gets up in between the lower metal lid and the top it is attached to. Can the lower metal lid come off for cleaning?

Answer: Yes, the lower one can be removed, it has the plastic ring in the center that allows for a pull and push removal

Question: Does it contain the rice paddle? Or I need to buy it again?

Answer: It comes with a plastic one works well enough. Also has a space to store it right on the side.

Question: Is the 8 cup steamer too small to do a well-sized artichoke in or a few corn cobs?

Answer: It will fit a large artichoke or 2 corn cobs.


>>>If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section of this post<<<

Question: Can you just steam vegetables or do you have to steam rice in order to steam vegetables?

Answer: Yes you can just steam.

Question: I have a six-inch ledge I would like to put my rice cooker on. Is this really 9.3 inches wide on the bottom? Are the little feet in the middle?

Answer: Mine would need about 7.25 inches of the shelf to set on. 6 would not work. The feet are inset a little but not down that much.

Question: Does it have a retractable cord?

Answer: No, it doesn’t have a retractable cord.


Question: Does it come with the rice utensil to serve the rice once made?

Answer: Yes, it has what AROMA calls a “serving spatula” which can be used to stir the rice to “distribute any remaining moisture” for best results and also of course to serve the rice. It’s 7.5 inches long and the serving end is just under 3 inches wide at widest point. Hope this helps.


Question: Are the inside pieces dishwasher safe?

Answer: I routinely wash the inner bowl in the dishwasher with no problems.


Question: making sushi rice

Answer: That’s what I bought it for … works perfectly.


Question: Is it marked 8 cups on the cooker liner?

Answer: No, inside it only goes up to 4. It is an 8 cup rice cooker because once you cook 4 cups of rice it expands to the size of eight cups. Hope that helps



>>>If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section of this post<<<

Question: can you just steam a piece of fish or crab legs with no rice

Answer: Yes, all you have to do is put water in the bottom of the cooker and your food in the top tray to steam. Since I purchased this, there is now an excellent video which shows you the different things you can do with this rice cooker. I can’t wait to order one for myself!


Question: I have this cooker. I add water: rice in 2:1 ratio. Whenever I cook over 2 cups of rice, it spills water and makes a big mess. Am I doing it wrong?

Answer: The unit comes with a measuring cup. This cup measure is not the same as a one cup liquid measure. Be sure to use the cup provided so as not to overfill.