If you want to have warmed and fluffy rice regularly in your dinner menu, Tiger rice cookers is probably the best kitchen gadget for you. With this amazing appliance, you won’t have to take any hassles for cooking. That’s why you should look for such kinds of rice cooker that will serve you for long-term service and manage your requirements effectively.
Here, we want to discuss the Best buy tiger brands rice cooker reviews with the brighten benefits and specifications it has. Featuring the appliance with Japanese technology makes it wonderful to everyone’s eye. Let’s have an in-details discussion about Tiger Corporation regarding the best products, specification, their functionality etc. in this article.

Specifications of Best buy tiger brands rice cooker:

Tiger cookers are quite helpful in decreasing a lot of kitchen related issues of every home maker. Before knowing about the ever repute brands of tiger rice cookers, we want to let you know the ultimate specifications it provides to the current consumers.

1. Automated service: People who lead a life with busy schedules never have time to relax a bit. Now your time has come to leave all worries and responsibilities in terms of cooking on Tiger cookers. By using this cooking appliance, you don’t have to make concern in keeping check of time to time whether cooking is completed or not. A microchip incorporated with the cooker responsibly does its duty to manage whole cooking process till it’s done.

2. Flexible maintenance system: What is the use of having such an appliance that has no access to clean easily? Tiger cookers have removable parts and accessories that’s why they are easy to clean all the different parts carefully. Even here you will find detachable inner lid as well as particles which you can smoothly use.

3. Impressive Ta-cook system: Tiger rice cooking appliance features with Ta-cook system. Different cooking menu can be cooked with the technology at a time.

4. Japanese technology: Japanese technology always is there to maintain potential quality of their product. Here, you won’t find any exception in respect of cooking utensils and their different parts. They have been successfully continuing their reputation with positive feedback of the consumers for many years.

5. Versatility of the cooker: Tiger cookers maintain the versatility as it has different kinds of cooking menu. You can prepare rice, vegetables, meats and other dishes with it as it has various functions to operate.

6. Induction heating technology:

Top rated induction heating is being applied on the tiger cookers. In fact, this enables the cookers to control how much heat you want to use in cooking rice. Definitely, this allows for having perfectly cooked fluffy rice.

7. Affordability: Affordability is another most demanded specification of Tiger cookers. How do you feel when you get both the quality and affordability at a time in a product? Many people can’t afford cooking appliance as they have financial problem. But Tiger cookers reduced this confusion thoroughly from the customers mind for being reasonable in price.

How Tiger rice cooker work:

Rice cookers are one of the most useful and handy kitchen appliance that is the most demanded thing for a family. You must want to have such kinds of products those are durable and excels the best performance.
Again, you might love to invest in such kind of appliance that can take the uppermost responsibility in cooking rice. You also want to avoid burnt, mushy rice while cooking. Tiger rice cookers are dominating the industry for many years made by Japan.
You know what Japan is always perfect and makes the best product on the market that never lost their dignity in terms of performance. No need to make surprise of it because quality means the quality and Japanese manufacturers also follow the trend nicely.

Best Tiger Rice cookers Components:

Mainly small rice cookers have 4 major components. They are
1. Main body’s of the cooker.
2. Cooking pan.
3.  A heating plate adjacent to the main body of the cooker.
4. A sensor-oriented device.

When it comes about the sensing device, the thermometer it has measures the ultimate heat in the pan. Never fill the pan with food and water as this is not good for the cookers to operate functionally.

  1. To initiate the process of cooking, you should turn on the heat element. Then the water starts boiling fast. At that time, the temperature remains the same.
  2. The cooking procedure initiates fully when the grains start absorbing the warm water. The steam produced inside is necessary to cook perfect rice. That’s why never open the lid while cooking.
  3. How many cooking times you require mostly depends on the variation of material on which the pan is made of. Generally, copper and aluminum are the most superior material that is conductive for heat. As an alternative, you can use tiger rice pot included with the cooker.
  4. Most of the top rated models of Tiger rice cookers have Induction cooking. In this whole article, we have mentioned about induction heating nut not discussed in-depth details. Actually, it has been generated with a magnetic field. At that time, the coil made of copper responds to the pan.

5. Thus, it generates electric current and that’s how heat rises and warms the food. Thus heat distributes throughout the cooking container. Temperature sensing follows authentic adjustments with the help of this technology.
Again, there are some other menu settings which you can operate to fix your cooking dishes as per your choice. With the latest computerized technology, you can easily operate the cooker very well.

Advantages of using Tiger Rice Cookers:

This is worth mentioning that rice cookers are very popular for now days as it saves your valuable time. If you search a bit in the internet, you will find a lot of rice cookers brands. Among all of them, Tiger electric rice cookers stand the way out as it has bestowed us with advanced technology associated with different menu settings.
If you are looking for a perfect option to anticipate in finding all opportunities in a fixed cooker, undoubtedly this well-known brand should be your first demand to have.

Occasionally, you want to have a relax time in household. But in cooking, where is the time for you to have rest? There is an immediate solution to this concern.
When you start using this brand’s products, the automatic settings are there for you to prepare the foods quickly. In this case, you need not to monitor everything from time to time.

Nothing is better for you like rice’s. People who are passionate in eating can’t ignore rice from their eating plans and I am damn sure about it.
But for busy folks, it is very difficult to bother in preparing their meals. With this brand, you can cook a lot of food menus using different functions. All you need to press your desired mode and automatically it will switch to the selected menu item. It’s just like easy opportunities for you to enjoy your cooking experience as well as serving the rice to your family as well.

Here you will find a huge difference between typical cookers and Tiger rice cookers. Unique functions with advanced computerized technology associated with Tacook make it acquire the best position in the marketplace.

Best tiger brand rice cookers Product:

Tiger’s cookers are undoubtedly fit for making rice for a family or a single person effectively. They are unique in having keeping warm function, a variety of cup capacity and different cooking menu associated with the cooker. Here we will present best tiger brand rice cooker review with their specific description.

1. Tiger Corporation JBV- A10-W:

Tiger JBV- A10-W is equipped with wonderful ‘’Ta-cook”’ technology that helps you cook many kinds of delicious dishes simultaneously. The automatic system lets you view the ultimate cooking temperature to prepare your desired meal. The latest and unique addition of BPA free cooking plate is responsible for managing the fine texture of the rice.

This is 10.6×13.9×804 dimension and size has smooth capacity of cooking 5.5 cups of rice. Actually, it has been given along with the cooker by the manufacturer. Another feature of the cooker is it’s $ functional cooking menu with which you can easily operate it. A number of different rice such as white rice, brown rice, plain rice along with vegetables, meat etc. you can flexibly cook with a hassle-0 free experience of cooking.
Besides, automatic keeping warm technology has been combined with this multi-functional tiger cooker. With it, you can have your rice warm for at least 12 hours long. Non-stick inner pot allows a user to maintain it easily with removable cooking utensils. Moreover, you will get spatula, cooking lid, rice measuring cup along with it.

2. Tiger JNP-S10U-HU Rice Cooker:

Tiger JNP-S10U-HU has 10.8×9.8×10.3 size. It has capability of cooking 5.5 cups of uncooked rice that is enough for serving medium or small family. With a single button, you can easily operate the cooking menus and feel quite relax in this tiger rice cooker of Japan.

There is a retractable power cord associated with this cooking appliance. You won’t get any computerized chip in the construction of the cooker. The cooker has to go through a lot of fruitful testing such as functional testing, sustained testing as well as electric and food sanitation privilege testing. The reason behind these experiments is to make sure of the quality and reach the benefits to the consumers properly.
There are optional setting functions or steaming sea food or any kinds of veggies including poultry or other types of foods as well. Automatic keeping warm setting is available here for keeping the rice warm and fresh as long as possible.

3. Tiger JAX-T10U-K Micom Rice Cooker:

Tiger JAX-T10U-K Micom Rice Cooker has been produced with Tacook technology. It has synchro-cooking settings that allow cooking different kinds of dishes along with cooking rice. Actively it uses steam and saves a lot of time. Hence, it serves delicious meal to any family.

If you love to have fluffy rice, this cooker is suitable for your needs. Multiple setting with a spherical inner cooking container makes the cooker amazing to use. Using the multiple setting, you can switch between cooking so many dishes easily.
The digital cooking menu setting allows preparing plain rice, porridge, mixed rice, steam cooking etc. With a single press of button, how easily you can operate the functions. The exceptional cooking logic system has capacity of viewing the temperature to prepare perfect meal.
Therefore, it has been included with a spatula, necessary measuring cup with a manual. Connecting the power plug, you can really start cooking period and have a good experience.

4. Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice cooker:

Generally, induction rice cookers are distinct in performance than other regular rice cookers and you must know it in this tiger rice cooker review. Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH is such kinds of rice cooking appliance. If you want to control both the steam and pressure setting, you can have this facility from this cooker. That’s why you can cook using the different temperature at times as well.
Different dishes you can cook with this wonderful Tiger IH rice cooker. It features with Excellent cooking timers, three coating layers that enable the user to use it easily. Here also you will get synchro cooking functions just like other products of Tiger rice cookers.

Again automatic keep setting allows in keeping the rice fresh and hot for at least 12 hours long. That’s why even after you finished cooking, you can serve fluffy rice to your family and that’s quite amazing. It presents healthy diet and affordable in price too. Impressive 8 layer construction is another unique addition of the Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH model.

5. Tiger JKT-B10U C5.5- Cup Rice Cooker:

Tiger JKT-B10U C5.5- Cup Rice Cooker has no bells and whistles like Tiger JKT-S10U cooker. Three layers are included in this cooking appliance. You will find an aluminum inner layer that has been coated with infra ray. Even the focus of the layer is made of Aluminum too while the outer one is constructed with stainless steel.

A thick pan that is approximately 105 mm in size holds the capacity to heat different kinds of rice up to 265 degree F. The cooker features with wonderful induction heating technology. If you want to have smooth and fluffy rice on your dinner regularly, this kitchen gadget will definitely stand the way out.
Furthermore, multi cooking functions help a user to technically customize the ultimate setting options effectively. Again, you will find special cooking mode for white, brown or other mixed rice to prepare. Computerized functions associated with it present eight menu settings. With the supreme Micom chip, you can efficiently operate heat management, cooking period or power management.

6. Tiger JKT-S Stainless Steel Rice Cooker:

Tiger JKT-S Stainless Steel Rice Cooker is a user-friendly cooking assistant for a home maker for its exceptional and unique induction technology. Multi appliance capacities are present in this cooker for your convenience. You can use it as slow cooker or bread maker also.

Again, you will find 8 layers metal with outstanding non-sticking service. Moreover, easy maintenance enables you to hold it easily. In a word, appreciation is must to have when you will use it for your daily kitchen activities.
Like other Tiger cookers, it has also induction heating system as I have noted earlier. With just a single pressing on a button, it will allow a consumer to prepare his/her complete dishes as well.
This cooker includes another unique feature such as baking the bread or fermenting. You can cook various kinds of rice like Jasmine, white rice, porridge etc. with the latest and multi-functional facilities combined in the cooker.

7. Tiger JAX-T18U-K Micom 10-Cup Rice Cooker:

This product of the tiger cooker can ultimately cook up to 10 cups of cooked rice that is enough for small or medium family. Here it maintains a range of multi functions also. It increases the chances of preparing a variety of dishes as like as I have discussed thoroughly in other cookers descriptions.

This micro-computer based cooking appliance, however, applied the best feature in its function. It features with an inner pan that is easy to use. Nevertheless, another exceptional technology Tacook covers the whole appliance and users also can reap the best benefits from it. It ensures a great dinner with easiest process of preparing foods in short time.
This reliable product is simply perfect for cooking other kinds of dishes for you. If you want to prepare meats, vegetables or oatmeal, you can have comfortable cooking with Tiger JAX-T18U-K Micom 10-Cup Rice Cooker.

8. Tiger JBA-A10S Rice Cooker:

This cooker features with 3 in 1 function including a variety of functionality. Consumers not only use it for cooking rice but also for steaming various kinds of foods as well. Here you will also find micro computerized system that enables you to experience preparing multi dishes. Tiger JBA cooker comes with stainless steel.
Here you will get impressive cooking programmers with simple configuration to operate. Different flavor of rice such as brown rice, multi-grain rice along with mixed rice and porridge rice, you can have with this wonderful cooker.

In this cooker, there are removable inner lid, wonderful inner pan, and detachable steam vent featuring also for the convenience of the user. Because of it, you can easily clean the utensils when needed.
Like other tiger rice cookers, you will get automatic keeping warm functions. Later, you can make the best use of it for your benefits. When cooking task completed, it automatically switches to the keep warm function that enables the cooker to make the rice warm for long time. Even if you are late in serving, your family members will get hot and fluffy rice to eat.

9. Tiger JBA-T10U-WY Micom Rice Cooker:

Tiger JBA-T10U-WY Micom Rice Cooker has also achieved the reputation among all of the products. It has also earned pretty good customer’s feedback within short time for its extraordinary features. This version of Tiger brands also has digital functional programmers to operate.

There are 9 exclusive cooking menus associated with the cooker. A user can take the largest benefits using it. Different cooking menus engage in cooking different dishes based on the consumer’s choice.
Perfect 2 built in timers allow having perfect rice with better texture. Of course, a lot of advantages it provides to the consumers and saves their precious time. When you start using it, you will get individual buttons, cooking menus including convenient timer options as well.
Keep warm programmers are always there for you to present fluffy and sticky rice when it gets ready. Moreover, it can hold 11 cups of cooked rice that is enough for small to large families as well.

10. Tiger JAZ-A10U-FH 5.5 Cup Rice Cooker:

This cooker has been designed with a floral design. The impressive design makes this cooking appliance so enticing that you will love to appreciate. Tiger JAZ cooker is attractive to look at.
Again this tiger rice cooker has 5.5 cups of cooking capacity that is enough to handle a small or medium family. Also, it works like a steamer. You can steam vegetables with this amazing kitchen gadget.

Like others cooker, this also starts working with a single touch on the particular button. Also, it provides ample of facilities to prepare many delicious dishes with the latest and unique computerized technology as well. Extra cooking functions are there for convenient cooking experience. When you need rest in the middle period of cooking, you can have it. Because there are automatic system with the configuration that demands not more help from you. It automatically turns to the desired function when finished cooking rice.

11. Tiger JAJ-A55U 3 Cup Micom Rice Cooker:

Tiger JAJ-A55U 3 Cup Micom Rice Cooker has impressive steam plate with multiple cooking options. Also, it includes with a cooking plate as well. As you know, there are 8 cooking menu functions with those you can make white or brown rice, different kinds of delicious dishes such as cake, pasta, vegetable or chicken soup etc.
Here, you will be quite surprised at having clear LCD monitor to view the temperature as well. A timer function allows managing the time effectively. The plastic plate attached with the cooker is ultimately has no BPA.

Synchrony-cooking function is there for you to make foods together. This is a wonderful opportunity for a home maker. Removable lid ensures in maintaining clean environment as you can wash it separately facing no difficulty at all.
Extra accessories are significantly added with this cooker. They are spatula, menu book for cooking, and a measuring cup for the accurate measurement of rice. Also, there is an inner cooking pan associated with this appliance.
This is basically a small tiger rice cooker and has 3-cups of cooking capability as well. This is the best for single individual or very small family. It has a cooking mode that functions automatically. But it won’t turn off automatically and that’s why you need to shut it down. It has a wonderful design with two excellent color choices.

12. Tiger JNP 1800 Rice Cooker 10 Cup Electronic Rice Cooker:

With 10 cups of cooking capacity, this tiger electric rice cooker is suitably fit for large or medium family. Like other cookers, you will have an automatic mode to keep the rice warm for up to 12 hours long.
Digital control panel efficiently takes over the whole control and you can easily manage cooking rice with it. There you need just to press a single button to operate the cooker and prepare wonderful and mouth-watering dishes as well. Here you will find an indicator light will clearly inform you about the time and state of cooking.

Conclusion: By now, you must have gained ins and outs of best buy tiger rice cooker review. With this in-depth article, you hold full control over knowing about the tiger brand cookers, its functional activities, how it works and how to achieve the large benefits from it.
If you are a bit of confused about buying the best tiger rice cooker, this description is must to mitigate your worries for sure. Actually, technology has stepped ahead in this 21st century and the use of the rice cookers is very common. Amidst of so many brands, tiger rice cookers are undoubtedly the best option for you I think.