Like many other things, the rice is also varied according to its quality. There are many different types of rice like white rice, Brown rice, sticky rice, sushi rice and so on. To grab the best performance of a rice cooker you have to make the right choice in choosing the perfect rice cooker. As like the brown rice takes more time and more hit to boil than white rice. So, the best rice cooker for brown rice would be that one which is able to hit the water and the rice rapidly. To enjoy the difference between an ordinary cooker and the best rice cooker choosing the right cooker is very important.

Best rice cooker for brown rice:

A perfect making process will certainly preserve the nutrients. The Aroma small rice cookerbest Zojirushi rice cookerbest Cuckoo rice cookerOster digital rice cookerPanasonic pressure rice cooker and the best Tiger brands rice cooker is the most leading one for its special brown rice function. Its Saute then Simmer the updated technology will allow you to have the advantages of a frying pan.

Diversity of rice: Rice is considered as the basic need. To satisfy different consumer’s demand the diversity of rice has been introduced. Now, this diversity is creating a problem in choosing the right rice cooker. The most familiar and different attributed rice are Brown rice, white rice, Sticky rice, Sushi rice etc.

Brown rice: Among all the diversity of rice brown rice contains the most nutrients. By consuming brown rice, you may get 80% of manganese needed for your good health

Health benefits of brown rice:

There are numerous health benefits of eating brown rice.

1. It prevents diabetes. The amount of hypoglycemic index is lower in it. Also, it decreases insulin.

2. The powerful presence of antioxidant in brown rice helps a lot in saving the cells from getting damaged.

3. It will protect you from gaining excessive weight. It contains manganese that can combat with body fats.

4. Eating brown rice is essential for People suffered with Alzheimer’s. It actively damages propyl polypeptide that is responsible for this type of neurotic disease.

Features of rice cooker for brown rice:

While you are in a search of rice cookers for brown rice, you must know the features they provide. Again, there are multiple benefits of using these appliances.
You can complete other kitchen courses with them. That’s why there are number of things you need to concentrate. Below, we are showing you the setting and options along with the features.

Induction heating: Induction heating is a useful process. Here the cooker maintains the suitable temperature for cooking brown rice perfectly. Most of the cookers for brown rice own this excellent feature.
Generally, it takes more time to cook brown rice. That’s why this functional setting in cooker is beneficial for accelerating the brown rice cooking.
Again, with this procedure, you must have the complete control over the whole cooking process. If you want perfectly cooked rice, this is much better technology for you. Keep warm function:

This is another spectacular feature of cooking rice. Through this excellent technology, you will enjoy warm rice always. This will keep continuing warming your rice even after you finished cooking.

Furthermore, this brings happiness for you. If you are planning to go outside, you can rely on this keep warm mode to serve fresh and fluffy rice before your family members.

Multi-cooking: Rice cooking appliances for brown rice have wide range of benefits for you. Apart from cooking rice, you can use for other different kitchen activities too.

Nevertheless, you can use them for cooking other tasty dishes. Soup, chicken curries, veggies etc. you can prepare with the help of it. Also, you can have baking cakes using the cooker.

In my opinion, this is a great investment for you to gain multiple opportunities indifferent usage.

LCD functions:

The functions of brown rice cookers are very simple to use. Many of cookers have complicated functions. This is quite difficult to function for beginners. Brown rice cookers have better functions of LCD monitors.

Through it, you can clearly experience the cooking activities. Also, you can manage the cooking temperature nicely.

Small rice cooker for Brown rice:

It is better to a have a small cooker than a larger one. It not only will save your space but also will consume fewer power means save electricity and money. The new  designs AromaZojirushiTigerCuckooPanasonic, and the Oster smart rice cooker is ruling with its (the smallest) 4 cup size. Though it is specially designed for brown rice, it can be used for making other types of rice also.

How to choose Rice cooker for brown rice:

Meanwhile, you have come to know about the most important features and benefits of brown rice cooker. This part of article is effective for choosing cookers for brown rice. Also, it is useful for choosing other cooking appliance models too.

While, you have taken a firm decision to buy brown rice cooker, read this part to know more.

Size of the appliance: This is the most important fact for choosing the brown rice cookers. They have different sizes for different needs. Before taking any decision, first of all, decide what size you are in need of.

Suppose, you have a small family, you need small rice cookers. For larger family, it should be large one to purchase. Otherwise, your foods may waste for no reason.

Mostly, it depends on how much you need to cook in a day. For an example, if you need 1 -2 cups of rice go for buying 3-cups of cooker.

Design: These cookers have stainless steel exterior design. This is quite amazing at the first look. It perfectly fits in any kitchen appliance. No matter if you own a modern or old type kitchen gadget; these exceptional cookers will fit in your needs in all aspects.

However, you may find different colored brown rice cookers in marketplace. Pick one of them that seem eye catchy for you.

Easy clean-up: What’s the use of buying a cooker that has no easy cleaning maintenance? To meet up your needs, best rice cookers for brown rice are there for you.

The interior non-stick cooking containers allow comfortable cleaning for everyone. As it never let the foods to get sticky, it contributes a lot to have an easier clean-up. You should seek this fact before choosing the cooker.

Pocket-friendly cost:

Price is absolutely important thing to consider before buying any rice cooker. Of course, your budget plays a vital role in this part. However, you will get best rice cooker for brown rice between the ranges of $30 to-$400.

Long-term usage should also get the priority. They are very well-structured and cheap in price. Quality also matters with price.

There is no pitfall; you will get in cookers in terms of quality. Pick your desired according to your budget.

Usage: How do you feel when you can continue multi-cooking just with single appliance? Since it works great as multi-functional cooker. You can use it for variety of your needs. Multiple dishes like baking cakes, oatmeal’s, chicken wings, vegetables etc are very easy to be prepared with them.

Apart from brown rice, you can cook sushi to white rice with it. Also, you can steam vegetables while preparing the rice with it.

Warranty: Never ignore this fact in any way. In fact, this crucial factor will save your money from repairing cost for limited time. When you have warranty, you won’t have to incur the extra charge behind that.

However, the manufacturing company will fix it for you with no cost. You must be careful for having a brown rice cooker with long time of warranty.

Other ad-dons accessories: In most cases, rice cookers for brown rice have others accessories associated with the complete package. You will get spatula, steaming tray, rice measuring cups etc. with them.

“This is so exciting, right?” Nowadays cookers are designed for multiple purposes but using the right cooker for specific rice will give you the best result. For example, to exhaust the brown rice having the best rice cooker for Brown rice is a must.

Benefits of using cooker for brown rice:

Like other rice cookers, it has also the pros and cons. Before buying the cooking appliance for brown rice, you must have knowledge on that. However, the benefits are more than the disadvantages.

Non-stick pans: Brown rice cookers have nonstick pans. That’s why it is very easy for cleaning. Again, they never allow any food to get stickier on the surface of the cookers.

Faster rice cooking: We have already mentioned that brown rice needs a lot of time compared to other rice. Everyone doesn’t have that patience to wait for it.

In brown rice cooker, induction heating technology is perfect for managing the heating temperature with perfection. This will help you a lot to have faster cooking.

Automated technology: Brown rice cookers come with automated technology. This is like a blessing for busy folks. You don’t have to observe rice cooking time to time as it has automatic features.

While finished cooking, it will automatically go in required function and keeps the rice warm.

Saves your time: Brown rice cookers are very good at saving your valuable time. It promotes multi-cooking that’s why it is great for using. Different kinds of special dished can easily be cooked with it.

Of course, it needs time to cook many dishes separately. In that case, these cooking appliances are the best for saving time.

Again, they have delay timers. With this function, you can preset the time of cooking. Whenever you want, you can get it easily.

White rice: Commonly major of people use white rice. And this is most familiar to the consumer across the world. It contains a high level of nutrients.

Best rice cooker for white rice:

To have perfect white rice you may get Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker Hamilton Beach, this cooker has the ability to hold 4 to 20 cups. Its automatic system of warming will be activated after cooking. You may cook (except white rice) brown rice, pasta and so on.

Sticky rice: Sticky rice or glutinous rice is much different from best Japanese rice cooker though it looks like the same. But in the sticky rice can be transfer into many forms to cook different food like flour for pasta or gel for other things.

Best rice cooker for sticky rice:

This East Asian cuisine takes the easiest steps to cook with help of rice cooker and the best one can be Black & Decker RC3406 Rice Cooker, this cooker has been designed by following American Electrical Standards.

Sushi rice: The most famous Japanese dish of having small cool rice balls is called sushi rice which is very healthy for is making process.

Best rice cooker for sushi rice:

To have the full advantages of consuming sushi rice one need to cook it in a proper way. So, choosing the best rice cooker to cook is most needed. Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Rice Cooker will be the best choice for sushi rice as it has an inner thick cooking pan with 20 cups of rice cooking ability at 820-watt.

Best rice for a rice cooker: In this updated world all the rice cookers are automatic except for brown rice, all the other rice are refine and take less time to cook even it can be perfectly cooked up without a cooker. But in case of brown rice, it takes a longer time to cook and to preserve its whole nutrients there is no alternative but to have a rice cooker.

All the rice to can be use for easy cooking but the Brown rice can make the best use of a rice cooker.

Conclusion: Best rice cooker for brown rice are extremely needed to cook brown rice perfectly. They have complete accessories and useful technologies. These facts are much needed to prepare the hard grains in short time possible. By the time, you have read the article fully. Also, you have come to know about the features, benefits and the factors you need to concentrate before buying. Enjoy your cooking time.