White rice is exceptionally a good source of vitamins, minerals. To gain energy along with carbohydrates, this contains enormous contribution for the health. There are numerous cooking methods left for a cooker to cook rice. But after researching a lot, we have selected the best way to cook white rice on the stove top for your convenience.
Generally, it seems very easy to cook rice for most of the people. The most important note you should learn is to keep the proper nutritional value of it. Otherwise, it will just satisfy your stomach. It won’t work for benefits of your health. In this article, we will let you know about the properties and perfect cooking recipe including all the benefits of white rice.

What is white rice? 

As we have mentioned before, white rice is a large source of carbohydrates. Almost it contains 90% carbohydrate. Nevertheless, here you will acquire 8% protein along with 2% fat. In addition, magnesium, phosphorus iron etc. abundantly make it enriched.
Basically, it occupies with short and long grain varieties. Again, you will get short-grain very starchy in nature. It quickly becomes very soft and almost sticky while cooking. That’s why it is suitable for sushi. Moreover, you can use it for making different dishes like in paella and risotto.
Jasmine and basmati rice is categorized in long grain rice. They comprise less starch

Is it good for your health?

In worldwide, it is considered as a common food staple. Generally, it has been obtained through a systematic refining method. That’s why we are deprived of a large portion of a nutritional factor. Still, it provides a lot of health benefits including 130g calories, 1mg sodium, 35mg potassium, 2.7g protein and 1% calcium.
Of course, it is not bad for health. Here, protein is playing an important role in the muscle development. Manganese helps your body grow powerful immune system. It is full of various kinds of nutrient factors. The less amount of sodium helps to decrease the possibilities of high blood pressure and kidney disease. Below are white rice instructions for cooking it perfectly.

Instruction for best way to cook white rice on the stove:

By now, you have learnt a lot about white rice and the nutritional factors it contains. In fact, there are many systems of cooking rice on stove top. After testing several methods, we have gathered a comprehensive idea about the best way to cook white rice. Let’s have a smooth discussion about that.
Ingredients you need:
A cup of white rice.
Two cups of water.
A tablespoon oil and ½ tea spoon salt for necessity.
Let’s know about the step by step process of best way to cooking white rice on the stove.

Simmer the white rice: While the water starts boiling with the heat, you must take the lid a side and wag it with a metal utensil. After that, put the lid again and make the stove flame with medium heat. White rice cooking time takes around 18 minutes to accomplish the task. The process will be done when you find the rice rigid but tender.
Rest it off for some minutes: When you find it cooked completely, detach it from the heat. Let the lid remain like this and make it rest for a couple of minutes. Thus, you can steam the rice properly. This will make it enable to absorb the moisture perfectly. Even it makes the rice tender enough to serve.

Fluff the rice:

Once, the cooking is done completely, stir the rice with a clean spoon. Again, you can use a rice spatula too in this case. After that, let it rest for at least two minutes before you are going to serve it to your family members.
White rice includes all necessary vitamins along with carbohydrates. This is the ultimate energy source of the human body. It provides different kinds of nutrients with the top of the health benefits too.

Rinse the white rice before you start cooking:

Have you ever noticed a layer of chalky powder on the white rice? At the time of shipping or rubbing and jostling, some other starch also looses off. If you start cooking starch-coated white rice, it gets stickier. Since there causes water absorption, the grains come close to one another.
First of all, take a large bowl and add a cup of white rice in it. Then you must use fresh water to rinse it. Before that, you must soak it for half an hour. Next, clean the rice in order to remove any kinds of dirt. Do it till you don’t find clear water. Hence it will help remove extra starch from it. Thus, you can have fluffy rice.

Heat the water and boil it: Take a medium saucepan and pour 2 cups of water in it. To boil it properly in short time, you must put a lid and flame it over medium heat accurately. To make you comfortable with adjusting between the water and rice ratio, we make a simple guideline for you to follow.
When you have long-grain white rice to cook or your family, you must take 2 cups of water for it.
For medium-grain white rice, 1 ¾ cups of water is enough for cooking.
Therefore, for short-grain white rice, you can use 1 ¼ cups of water.

Some additional things you need to focus on:

1. The ratio between water and rice you need: If you have a question about how much water for white rice is needed, here is the white rice direction I wanted to show you for long grained white rice. The white rice cooking ratio for water: rice should be 2:1. Most people use 1:1 ratio when they want to cook in rice cooker.

Again some people make it as 1.5:1 when cooking on the stove top. If you want to have fluffy and sticky rice, you need to make the ratio as 2:1.

2. The necessity for the lid while cooking rice in a pot: If you prefer cooking rice without a lid, it surely provides you no benefits. This will handicap proper absorption method. Moreover, it leads you towards an incomplete cooking. Actually, when you intend to cook following the way, the water goes away as vapor quickly that should be absorbed in the rice.
On the other hand, when water does not get any chance to escape, it provides a lot of benefits to you. The lid helps the rice absorb the water and maintain temperature nicely.
That’s why never open the lid while you are cooking rice. If you add more water in cooking rice, it will turn into stickier rice. If you use less amount of water, you will get firmer rice.

3. Take care for the resting period:

While you find the rice is about to be completed but a bit of wet state, you can turn off the flame. Later, you should transfer it to a burner that is rarely used.
As usual, you should cover it with a lid for keeping the temperature stable. Let it remain like this for a couple of minutes. This procedure will help you keep the moisturizer well and distribute it throughout the whole rice.
In addition, there is another method to keep the moisturizer active in white rice. While rice is almost cooked, take a metal strainer and start rinsing the rice with cold water.
You can take almost 1 inch of water to cooking rice pot. Then keep the strainer that is filled with white rice on the pick of the cooking pot. Then place a lid over it to cover the rice. In a medium heat, let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes.
When it’s harder it find the rice not tender enough, you should cook it for some minutes longer.
If you get it crunchy, mix about a ¼ cup of extra water and let it cook by covering a lid.

Top health benefits you can have from white rice

Acquiring energy: Carbohydrates are enriched in white rice. This is the ultimate source of energy. Once, you ignore it from your food menu, you may feel lethargic and pale.
Offers muscle growth: It contains necessary amino acids. With it, your body muscles will develop completely. White rice benefits you in building muscles and improving their physics condition.
Fights with gastronomical problems: Most of the people who have been suffering from diarrhea or any kind’s morning sickness should eat white rice on regular basis. It formulates with low fiber and for that, it prevents different kinds of gastronomical problems.
Gluten free rice: Food allergies often caused for the presence of gluten. In that case, white rice never contains any gluten. As it is a powerful source of carbohydrates, it prevents massive hormonal imbalance.
Gluten is a complicated protein that does not allow easy digestion for the body. White rice never contains these kinds of components and you can safely finish your dinner with it.
Arsenic free: Arsenic is a toxic metal for the human body and white rice is completely free from the presence of the metal.
Easy digestion: Not all grains are easy to digest when they are not completely prepared. Mostly, the outer layer of the grains holds physic acid that is considered as anti-nutrient. These can seriously digestive issues.
White rice contains enough nutrients and makes easy digestion. That is why it is safe and effective for health.

White rice increases the appetite:

Most of the parents blame their child not to have an appetite for food. The key reason behind it is not to eat white rice regularly. Most of the kids are likely to have junk food. They are reluctant in eating rice. That’s why their appetite for food suddenly decreases and that is really surprising.
White rice is helpful for better digestion and a great remedy to cure many stomach ailments. Moreover, it holds light diuretic properties and that’s how it is the best element for reducing food aversion in children’s.
It prevents tooth decay: Another great advantage you will find in eating white rice is it removes your tooth problem. As it never has physic acid, it won’t be the reason for any kinds of tooth related issues.
Notwithstanding, you may find in statistics that many kids along with old aged people too suffer from this problem. If they know the values and advantages of white rice, it can be seen in their regular food menu for sure.
Actively boosts the memory and activates the immune system:  Magnesium that is a useful component of the human body is present in white rice. Consequently, it helps in improving the immune system of your body. It also contains thiamine that is responsible for developing memory power.
Kid’s brain building activities start from a very tender age. That’s why their memory should be boosted highly. Literally, it has less sodium level that is helpful for people with high blood pressure.

Good for stabilizing blood sugar level:

White rice contains a huge level of the glycolic index. They have a great impact on blood sugar levels. It has the ability to spike it more flexibly than other kinds of foods enriched in glycolic index.
Consequently, high blood sugar can cause many serious health issues that are harmful to health.
It is diuretic:
White rice includes light diuretic properties. This is helpful for our body and health. It actively increases urination volume. It is beneficial for weight loss issues.
Most people in UK and USA have a severe tendency in eating junk foods and that’s why they suffer from serious weight issues. Maximum weight related problems happen for not eating white rice regularly.

Best small rice cookers for white rice

You may be wondering why I intend to talk about this topic. Actually, it is just for your convenience. Apart from the stove top, you can cook white rice on the small rice cookers easily in shortest time. Moreover, you can use it for cooking other dishes too. Here I want you to introduce with some reputed brands of cooking appliance including their functionality and feature.

Zojirushi rice cooker: 

Zojirushi is one of the most popular Japanese brands that acquire the best reviews from the consumers. It has excellent features and functions. The induction heating technology makes it different than others. Hence, you will get multiple menu functions here for cooking white rice or any other delicious meals for your dinner.

There is an automatic warming function available here that keeps the rice hot for longer period of time. The versatility it allows with the technology is absolutely amazing in a word. This is notable and best small rice cooker for white rice due to having its unique design and solid construction.
When cooking white rice, the non-stick pan will make you feel comfortable. It has easy cleaning setting options that allow you to keep the kitchen neat and clean. It makes thing simple and easy and provides a variety of setting function based on your requirements.

Aroma rice cooker:

Aroma is another ideal brand that provides you necessary functions for cooking white rice easily. This is a suitable kitchen gadget for both small and large family. The digital control unit includes the button where you can choose your required one to cook easily.
There is a functional delay timer that randomly helps the busy folks to prepare their meal. Therefore, steamer function makes it simply versatile in steaming vegetables or meats along with rice.
Aroma demands a reasonable price from the consumers and that’s why it attracts the attention very quickly. It lasts for a long time and perfectly cooks the white rice maintaining the food value precisely.
Aroma has most demanded and unique feature that you have ever experienced. It provides amazing cooking pot to the consumers to use. It enables maintaining a good flavor of your white rice and maintains its quality well. With a single touch of a button, you can prepare your desired food such as oatmeal, veggies etc. apart from cooking rice.

Tiger rice cooker:

In white rice cooking instructions, we have instructed you the step by step process and let you know how to cook white rice easily. Tiger cooker is another affordable and well-known Japanese cooker that is also genuinely reliable for cooking white rice.
The LCD screen increases the brand value of the cooker and makes it appealing to everyone’s eyes. It has plenty of options that allow you to prepare your preferred dishes including white rice. When cooking rice, the induction heating technology manages the heat throughout the cooker and perfectly cooked it.
This kitchen gadget is reliable in keeping the rice warm for an extended period of time. A number of cooking menus make your cooking task easier and saves your time too.

Hitachi rice cooker;

This Japanese rice cooker will surely make you feel interested in cooking white rice. It’s worth mentioning that this looks very attractive in design and features too.
It has a removable iron pot that allows comprehensive usage. It includes a flat lid that allows maintaining temperature and presents fluffy white rice. The cooker also includes thermal convection.
It fits with any kitchen and never creates any hassle for space related issues.

Panasonic rice cooker:

Another leading kitchen appliance you will appreciate to have is Panasonic cooker. This is indeed a popular brand name. Patented design simply makes the features attractive to look at with high quality functions.
This Japanese cooker highlights the advantages of cooking white rice with fuzzy logic technology. As I have mentioned earlier in this article about the importance of having a lid while cooking a rice cooker. Here it also incorporates a glass lid with which you can monitor the rice during cooking.
Automatic warming functions allow keeping the whiter ice hot until you serve it to your family. This brand provides another advantage in cooking rice is to feature you with important accessories such as scooping spoon and steamer functions as well.

Black & Decker rice cooker:

This convenient cooker takes the responsibility of cooking perfectly fined white rice for you with their inexpensive features. This appliance has the capability of switching automatically towards warming mode. It features with a removable lid. There is a condensation catcher associated with it that allows presenting fluffy rice. When you finished cooking white rice, in indicator light will keep the unit active and that’s how it keeps the rice warm.
Black & Decker offers a removable steamer basket. This includes a decent cooking environment and presents a beautiful experience in cooking white rice easily.

Cuckoo rice cooker:

Cuckoo cookers have earned a lot of praiseworthy review from its consumers for their unique value. They offer a huge range of opportunities in cooking white rice. The cooker has multiple setting options and you can cook a variety of dishes along with white rice.
Another exclusive feature is voice guide in different languages. Impressive functionally engage the consumers in reliable cooking that extends their hope for a long time.
Blue LED display is another valuable addition to a cuckoo rice cooker. This light small cooker suits in your kitchen’s limited space easily.

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker:

Hamilton Cookers are also adroit in managing your cooking task with its quality features. Besides, it has a capacity of cooking a number of food items such as beans, Macs, different kinds of grains, pasta or any rice mix etc. you want to cook.
Even it has a cooking capacity up to 2 to 14 cups of cooked rice that’s why it is simple to say that this cooker can meet up the requirements of small or any large family.
Here you will find single button programming that is flexible to use. You can choose your desired mode and leave the rest of the responsibility to this cooker. It features with an amazing addition named delay start setting that helps you cook the rice or vegetables almost 15 hours advance easily. This is effective for busy job holders who have less time in hand to do their household chores.
After the cooking is done, the cooker will go the keeping warm function and keep the rice hot and fluffy. A non-stick cooking bowl made of Aluminum has been equipped with it. Nevertheless, it saves your time and makes your cooking experience great anyhow.

Oster Rice Cooker:

If you own a large family, this cooker is the best option for you to cook. Not only white rice, this cooking appliance provides the opportunities for cooking meat, fishes, oatmeal as well as some other vegetables also with it. A huge amount of rice can be cooked easily with it.
Several beneficial features it offers to you with many setting options. Here also you will get delay timer to cook white rice and prepare your dinner in advance. Like other cookers, it has also automatically switching mode when finished cooking rice. Inside of the cooker, you will also get a non-stick cooking container. Easy cleaning maintenance is necessary and this ultimate feature is also available here.
Oster cooker provides extra accessories such as a steam tray, essential holder chip along with a measuring cup for proper measurement. This cooker is reasonable in price too. You can afford it easily and enjoy the best cooking experience with it.

Sanyo Rice cooker:

Sanyo is another rice cooker brand of Japan. It has acquired a reputation for the unique design and useful multi-functional device associated with it. Sanyo also covers conventional and digital cooking appliance for the consumers. A number of delicious menus you can prepare for it such as steaming any veggies, oatmeal cooking, white rice cooking etc. In fact, you will find the best technological excellence with the best functional settings here. The computerized Sanyo cookers cover with fuzzy logic technology.
It also features an LCD clock that allows you easy monitoring. In addition, keeping warm function is another beneficial addition here. You can have warm rice up to 12 hours long even after the rice is prepared. Measuring cup, amazing spatula along with a manual are also extra inclusion here for your convenience. In a word, this is also the best small rice cooker for the consumers.
Conclusion: Most people have the wrong conception about the nutritional value of white rice. In this article, I have completely informed you about the Best way to cook white rice on the stove top, immense benefits of it as well as the other issues related to cooking.
Hence, we have also described best small cooker for cooking white rice. That’s how you have gathered comprehensive ideas of cooking white rice. We firmly believe that this in-details and informative article is enough to let you know the importance of cooking white rice on a regular basis.