HITACHI RZ-VS2M-N is an award-winning 0.36 litter Heating Induction (IH) portable rice cooker that gives you the perfect art of rice cooking with the elements of cooking, soaking and steaming. This noble type IH rice cooker is only for the smaller household who serves for 1-3 persons.

Why you buy HITACHI RZ-VS2M-N (Japan Import)

HITACHI RZ-VS2M-N cooks for 2 cups of tasty rice cooking.
For small household like single or 2-3.
Premium quality insulation structure and thick inner pot made of iron.
Induction heating.
The handy size will ensure an easy portability on the table and the unique beautiful shape of this cooker will make it an ornament of the kitchen.
You will get the same rice from it but better taste than any other cookers.
Award wined for good shape.
Inner pot can be separated from the main body.

Product description: Japan import
Customer review: 5.0

Unique features:

The container and the main body can be separated that’s why fresh rice can be brought to the table.
IH with the exclusive technology of insulation structure.

Additional Information

Rice menu: 4
Weight: 3.14 kg or 6.94 pounds
Body: body height 275mm (10.9 inches)
Body-width: 185mm (7.3 inches)
Body-depth: 230mm (9 inches)
Shipping weight: 6.94 pounds
Pressure cooker function: No
Keep warm during the power consumption: 6 hours average.
Fast cooking: yes
Voltage: 100V (Japanese version, voltage transformer needed for the USA).
Energy-saving standard achievement rate: covered.

So this product is HITACHI jar rice cooker if you are unmarried or a-couple family must try it and get the perfect taste of perfect delicious real Japanese rice also able to make a romantic environment between a couple with delicious rice with its good fragment.

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