MITSUBISHI NJ-XS104J-R Induction Heating (IH) rice cooker:

Customer Rating: 4.7

MITSUBISHI NJ-XS104J-R is a sophisticated electromagnetic induction heating cookers made by Mitsubishi that is a non-steamer cooker.
It uses ultrasonic waves at the time of preparing rice. That’s why every grain is cooked perfectly to the right degree with bringing the texture and consistency to everything inside.
Product Description and
Why you will buy MITSUBISHI NJ-XS104J-R:
Maximum cooking rice 1.0 L.
Steam less deliciousness.
Using Ultrasonic wave that provide every time perfectly cooked white rice
As a steam free cooker, the steam is retained in the rice.
Low energy setting is present.
Easy to use with big character LCD.
Steam free, so there will be no steam escape outside of the upper side that’s why can be put anywhere in the kitchen.
Bincho Charcoal coated for outer surface coat.
Inner court: Titan hard court, 3-layer coat.
High heating and the bottom shaping of the inner pot, large bubbles are generated, so cooking the rice is easy to lose plump.
Electromagnetic induction heating system.
Additional Information and Features:
Brand: Mitsubishi
Product Name: MITSUBISHI NJ-XS104J-R rice cooker
Dimension: 16.6 x 12.1 x 11.1 inches
Weight (approx): 14.3 pounds (6.4kg)
Capacity: 1-5.5 ligatures (0.18 L and 1.0 L)
Heating Method: IH
Color: Ruby red. (Top surface: black)
Maximum power consumption: 1350 W
Annual energy consumption: 88KW/year.
Maximum rice cooking capacity: 1.0 L
Manual: Japanese
Converter: Needed outside of Japan

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