Are you ready to get back the perfect texture and awesome flavor in your rice every day? This is the right time for you to upgrade your cooker. Oster rice cooker instructions are offering you the tremendous functionality to make well-cooked rice.
In this article, we have rounded up the most trusted features and their facilities related to the Oster. Hopefully, you will stay with us till the end.

Features of Oster rice cooker :

These cookers are simply the best in having the perfect features and provide quality service to the consumers effectively. Let’s discuss about it in-details.

Versatile cooker: The versatility they provide is simply amazing to think. With just a single cooking appliance, you are able to prepare so many food items in different ways.

There is a steam basket available in the cooker. One can easily steam vegetables with it. In addition, you can cook white ricebrown rice, meat, fishes, variety of vegetable items with it.

Tempered glass lid:  Most of the models of the Oster cookers have tempered glass lid. It actively enables the user to monitor the rice is being steamed or cooked perfectly or not. The best way to cook rice is to close the lid while cooking.

The handle of it is pretty cool and touch friendly. For the reason, even if the lid is too hot to touch, you can handle it with perfection. Moreover, you can have a clear view of the cooking procedure with this fascinating feature.

Dynamic functionalities: Some of the Oster models have browning functionality. Some others have steaming tray, rice measuring cup, removable inner pot etc.

Therefore, you will see some outstanding locking lids including a handle in some Oster cooking appliances. The programmable features are in a word outstanding.

Automatic keeping warm functions of oster rice cooker :

This valuable feature is beneficial for keeping the rice warm for long. It enables the cooker keep the rice fresh, moist and fluffy. After you finished cooking, it automatically switches to the keep warming function.

Size and capacity: The Oster cookers have small to large cooking capacity as well. It ranges from 3 cups up to 20 cups of cooking capacity as well. The models are being designed like that thinking about the small or large family size.

Also, you can buy small or large cookers depending on you and your family requirements.

Inexpensive: Are you getting worried thinking about the budget of rice cooker? Of course, there is nothing to worry more as Oster cookers are offering their products at a very reasonable price range.

However, the best thing about them is they are pocket-friendly in price. Also, they provide you significant advantages and features to the consumers.

How to use Oster rice cooker :

Take necessary preparation: First of all, you need to take your measured rice and rinse it with perfection. The ratio between water and rice mostly depends on what types of rice you are going to cook.

If you want your rice look soft and fluffy, water should follow the double amount of your required rice.

Start with your Oster cooker: In this stage, put the rinsed rice in your inner cooking container. Then close the locking lid of your Oster cooker and plug it in to an electrical switch and turn it on.

Red light will display when you finished the plugged in process perfectly.

Warming: While the cooker completed cooking rice, the red light indicator will turn in to yellow. This will let you know the instant message of keeping the rice warm for long time.

If you find the rice cooling down, the red light will display again and start reheating it with required temperature.

Use the steamer tray: You can use the provided steamer tray associated with the Oster cooker. Of course, it will help you preserve the proper nutrients managing the color rightfully.

For doing so, you need to peel the vegetables and cut them. You must use 1/3 cup of water in it, if needed, you can mix corn, broccoli, peas etc. with it.

Clean up maintenance: Only using the cooker won’t be a wiser decision. You must clean every part and accessories to keep it last for long. You can use dishwasher and damp sponge to do so. Make sure you are unplugging it before you start cleaning.

Conclusion: At the final note, we can say that using the Oster rice cooker will benefit you a lot if you can use it remembering the instructions well.