How to cook brown rice in a rice cooker

How to cook brown rice in a rice cooker

“Who doesn’t want to have delicious brown rice?” It contains a lot of health benefits and tasty in every bite. This is the reason; you must know how to cook brown rice in a rice cooker. “Mushy texture brown rice is not expected at all, agree?” if you are tired in your efforts for producing rice clumped with each other, I would love to suggest you to give it another try.

In this article, I will give you step by step methods you need to follow in cooking brown rice. Hopefully, this time you won’t fail to prepare fully, fresh and tasty brown rice. Let’s have a look on the instruction.

How to cook brown rice:

In order to cook perfectly brown rice, the key strategy is to keep a good level of moisture in it. Below I am going to give you the chronological instructions about how to cook brown rice in rice cooker.

Measuring the rice: This first steps of cooking brown rice. Measure right amount of rice you need to cook. For an example, five people will share a meal, and then you must measure 4/5 cups of rice for it.

Again, for larger families, it requires 8-10 cups of rice. Defining this factor correctly will make you easily take the decision of how much water you need to take.

That’s how; water and rice ratio can easily be fixed. However, more rice than the necessity is going to leave the leftover rice to spoil unnecessarily.

Rinsing the rice properly: Take your measured brown rice in a mesh strainer. Then rinse it using cool water properly. Remember, it will get wash away the starch that is responsible for producing sticky rice.

“Do it for 6-7 times until you get clean water”. Whirl your hand gently in a circular motion while rinsing. You may get cloudy water at first attempt of rinsing. Gradually, you will notice clear water.

Put the rice in the cooker carefully: Next, you should put the rice to your electric kitchen gadget. Carefully distribute the brown rice in it. Never place more rice that goes beyond to the capacity of the cooker.

Start cooking in the best rice cooker:

Now the time comes to use the best small rice cooker to prepare your mouth-watering rice. You will notice different settings in your electric cooking gadget.Once you have got the brown rice setting, you should turn it on. There is different functional setting on the cooker. In the last part of the article, you will know it later.Never open the lid in any way. It will affect the moisture. Closing the lid will eventually help to produce fluffy rice.Make the rice sit for 15 minutes: When your brown rice is finished the cooking, let it rest for some minutes. This approach will enable to distribute the moisture level effectively. As a result, you will have perfectly cooked brown rice.Make it sit for about 15 minutes and wait. Don’t lift the lid at that time. Remember, you should not forget this action. Implementing this step will eventually present good textured rice with delightful flavor.Fluff the brown rice: Use a spatula to stir the rice. Now you have perfectly cooked brown rice.  Make sure you are not using any metal utensils. Your rice cooker may get affected with permanent scratch with metal utensils.Mix optional seasoning: This step is not mandatory to follow. To add more taste in it, you can use optional seasoning in it. What should you use for it? You can add butter or lemon juice as seasoning.Serve the rice: Now the moment has come to make you delighted. You love to eat brown rice and this is ready. Now serve it with a spoon or spatula to your friends and family. Make sure, you are not spoiling the grains with rapid movement of the utensil.

Keep adding correct amount of water:

This is another crucial step you can’t underrate. When it comes to brown rice cooking, it requires increasing the water than white rice. For 1 cup of brown rice, it needs to add 2 cups of water. That’s how you should count it.“You may be wondering why it takes more time to cook brown rice.” Actually, this rice contains fiber more than other rice. For this reason, they fail to absorb the water easily compared to other rice.How much time you need to cook mostly depends on adding right amount of water.Put some salt in it: Are you waiting to eat smoky, hot and tasty brown rice? Then adding some salt will be better for you. You may mix it in the rice cooker. Specifically, ¼ tablespoon of salt is enough for 1 cups of brown rice.

Best Rice Cooker for Brown rice:

Undoubtedly rice cooker allow easy cooking. This is the absolute reason; we are going to make you introduce you with the best rice cooker’s description.
To satisfy your craving, we will share top 5 cooker’s description in this part of the article for cooking brown rice.

1. Aroma Housewares ARC-6106 Rice Cooker:

This is the one of the best rice cooker for brown rice on our researched list with the modern functions. It has been coated with an inner container that is non-stick. A particular watermark is associated with the wall inside. There is an innovative technology named Sauté Simmer technology. It will manage the temperature level with great efficiency that automatically makes out the high and simmer heat. There are three outstanding buttons named white rice, quick rice, and brown rice. Using those, you can easily cook white and brown rice.

“Are you surprised at reading quick button?” “It may seem wondering for you.” This is actually the latest feature of this cooking appliance. This cooker will function in 110V. Whenever you want, you can easily set the timer for your convenient use. Again there are more menu settings for cooking different tasted food items such as stew, soups, oatmeal, baking cake etc. Keeping warm function is another innovative and useful feature. When cooking finished, Aroma ARC-6106 Rice Cooker will continue keeping the rice warm for long time. Subsequently, you can effectively use delay timer function. Manually, you can set your time before going anywhere.

2. Zojirushi NS-YAC18 Micom Rice Cooker:

For cooking brown rice this cooker is also excellent in functioning well.  It has 10 cups of cooking capacity along with a bunch of sets. A user will find it worthwhile for coking so many delightful dishes like sushi, white, brown rice, porridge, sweet etc.

This is one of the best Japanese rice cooker indeed. It is efficiently oriented with micro-computer technology. The unit is special for you to shave off your worries in a second.

You will find an excellent GABA setting associated with it. It offers you delicious and fluffy brown rice. It establishes a nutty flavor on it and the texture will look good to you.

If you are looking for high-appreciating kitchen device, Zojirushi NS-YAC18 will be the right choice for you. Here timing function is another spectacular feature that works according to your wishes.

The Umami setting is useful in enlarging the flavor in wide range. If your family is not interested in brown rice, use this cooker and follow the above-mentioned recipe. Hopefully, they will like it.

Again the functions and setting are utterly devoted to function for long-term use. Keeping warm mode is always there to promote warm rice for serving.

3. Panasonic SR-DF101 Microcomputer Rice Cooker:

It provides latest fuzzy logic technology with useful controller. It delivers convenient result to you. How much it can adjust with cooking rice mostly depends on how much rice you are going to cook.

Let alone brown rice, you can efficiently cook other kinds of rice as quickly as possible. This is user-friendly in all aspects. Multiple options are there to use with it.

Manually, this is another best option to cook brown rice. For cooking basmati rice, just add a tablespoon of lemon rice. This will prevent getting sticky rice.

You won’t need any pre-rice soaking when you use this Panasonic cooker. There is a measuring cup including the cooker. The ratio between the water and rice can easily be defined with it.

Just closing the lid put the rice to the cooker. Use the button with your preference and start cooking. Keeping warm function is another common feature of this cooker.

This useful function supports the cooker to keep the rice warm for extended period of time. This will leave you with no worries even you are late at returning home for any reason.

4. Oster 3071 Smart Digital Rice Cooker:

This model of the Oster brand is completely efficient in cooking brown rice in the fastest time possible. In general, it takes a bit of time more to cook brown rice.

That’s why this cooker will be a good choice for them who are greatly concerned. A high-end locking lid is attached with the cooker. This is black in color. It is designed with stainless steel with 20 cups of cooked rice capacity.

It is a spectacular unit with digital functions. There are 5 programmable functions in it. Those are very simple to use. It includes steam, brown rice, white rice, soup making, and breakfast preparing features as well.

The smart digital panel is attractive and easily adjusts with the temperature. This model can produce less steam than Aroma. It works with lower wattage. It takes 45-60 minutes for rice preparing.

Again the power cord is another convenient feature of it. This is small in size. For an instance, you can optionally use cord extension. There is a short manual with it. Less amount of recipe is there for you in it. If you require some recipe suggestion, you can take its help. It takes a bit of time more to cook brown rice compared to the other cookers I mentioned in the list. Yet this cooker is helpful for you.

5. Rival RC61 6-Cup cooked Rice Cooker:

This is also truly a great unit with complete feature for offering your every meal with pleasant experience. This is very easy to use. It offers fat-free food and equipped with better health benefits. While you start cooking, a red light will immediately turn on. And with illumination of yellow light, it will switch on to the keep warm mode automatically when finished cooking rice.

People who love to eat brown rice can also use its feature to cook. It has 6-cups of cooking capacity. This best mini rice cooker is fastest in its activity. It takes about 30 minutes to prepare brown rice to serve.

This best rice cooker for brown rice works like a Chinese bamboo steamer as well. It is expert at cooking vegetables, soups, fish curries etc. with the steam.

The steamer is absolutely useful and completely set up with tight lid fitting. It’s easy for cleaning the device. You can use a dishwasher and there is no worries left for you.

It has its own handle stick to the cooker. That’s why it is easy to carry and wash.

The non-stick inner pot is perfect for cooking. Be careful when you connect it with plug. At that time it begins warming.

Conclusion: Finally, we have successfully step on to the last part of this Content. This article mainly aims at giving you those wonderful ideas for cooking brown rice. This enables you to learn how to cook brown rice in rice cooker.
Furthermore, we have illustrated about 5 best brown rice cookers to satisfy your craving to know about the cooker. They are very actionable and user-friendly too. These will definitely sooth your desirable needs. I truly believe that you will love this article. Hopefully, you can implement the recipe and enjoy your cooking.