How to make sushi rice in a rice cooker

How to make sushi rice in a rice cooker

Sushi rice means sour tasting rice. It’s so delicious in every bite that makes your dinner so pleasant. Are you ready to prepare it? Then you must know how to make sushi rice in a rice cooker.

Simply you can make it at home. A good recipe is needed to complete properly. Initially, it might seem complicated to you. While you will start doing it, you will
experience it as very ordinary task. Again, you
may add simple Japanese methodology to make it perfect. In this article, we will learn more about the rice cookers for sushi rice along with the instructions.

Instructions for how to make sushi rice in a rice cooker:

Select right rice: Sushi is Japanese rice. And Japanese are very serious in making their products or recipes with perfection. You can ask me how? In this case, too, they have chosen special rice for making this recipe. They named it as “Shari”. Generally, it is called as sushi.
This is so easy to get at hand. You will find it at supermarket.

Measure it perfectly: Now it comes to measure the rice. In fact, it depends on how large your family is. If you are just three in family members, you will use small rice cooker with 3 cups of cooking capacity. For large family, you may need large cookers at least with 10 cups of measuring rice.

Wash it properly: Generally, it takes much time to cook sushi rice. Rinsing the rice is essential to remove the extra starch. This is responsible for the production of sticky rice. Take the rice with right measurement and use a sieve for washing. Gently use cold water to do so. Whirl your hands in washing process to rinse it perfectly.

Repeat the process for 5-6 times. Do it until the cloudy water doesn’t remove. You should constantly wash it till you don’t get nearly clear water.  This is much needed to get rid of excessive starch. It ensures freshness and increases the ultimate taste of the sushi rice.

Prepare the rice with the cooker: After finished washing, let the water drain out. This increases the chances of making perfect rice. Later, you should place the rice in a container and start cooking.

Add adequate water to the rice:

This is one of the most important steps in cooking any rice properly. Maintain the perfect ratio between the water and rice. For an example, if you have taken 100 grams of uncooked sushi rice for cooking, you can add 150 ml of water in it.

Too much water will lead the rice become sticky or mushy. On the other hand, less water won’t prepare perfect rice. That’s why use a good ratio of water.

Use medium heat: Medium heat is better for cooking rice. In the meantime, close the lid of cooker. Never try to open it during that time. This will interrupt the cooking process unnecessarily. This will contribute a lot in saving the required nutrients.

Make it cool slowly: After wards, you add the vinegar in the sushi rice, let it rest and make it cool. Just bring it to the body temperature. The temperature should be 35-40 if you serve it under a cooler, it may leave a bad impact on the texture of the rice.

Perfect shaped rice with good textures is very important in getting better sushi rice.

Store the rice in a hot place: Now it comes to store the rice. For doing so, you must scoop it with a spatula. Then put them on a side of the large bowl. Gently press it by covering it with a wet and soft cloth.

Hence, keep them like this for 5-10 minutes. This method is a full proof way to let the rice stick better. If you want to mold the rice, this will aid you enough.

This formula is better to prevent drying. After you prepare sushi rice, you must do it and use a warm space for keeping the bowl. Hopefully, you can serve perfect sushi rice before your family or friends.

Seasoning the rice properly:

After the cooking is completed, seasoning is very important in producing sushi rice. For this purpose, take a large bowl and put the rice in it. Later, use a non-stick spatula to stir it slowly. Never use any metal utensils for doing so. There are increased amount of chances for spoiling the grains for it.

In Japanese tradition, a large wooden container is considered as ‘Hangiri’. The wood used here is absolutely compatible for absorbing extra vinegar. Don’t worry if it is not with you. You can use a big plastic bowl in replacement of Hangiri. The space inside it should be flat and spacious enough.

Make sure the rice is not burned. For having perfect sushi rice, this is not a good approach. Now it comes to add vinegar to the sushi rice. To make a special justification to the name sushi, this is very important to inject sour taste in it.

How mush vinegar you need to take? “Yes, this is very simple.” Just take 20% vinegar of the uncooked rice volume package. For an example, if you have cooked 400 grams of uncooked sushi rice, you need to use 80ml vinegar in it. The best way to get perfect sushi rice is to mixing the vinegar when the rice is warm. Only pouring it over the rice won’t work at all. Use a paddle in it.

Above all, you have to make the warm rice coated with the vinegar.

Best rice cooker for sushi rice:

A rice cooker is a worthy appliance in cooking rice. By now, you have elaborately known about how to make sushi rice in a rice cooker. Before buying it, you need to take a wise decision. Best Japanese rice cooker are absolutely very high in performance. They have a lot of latest and convenient feature.

Again, there are some best mini rice cookers. Below, we have made a comprehensive list of them depending on the useful feature for cooking perfect sushi rice.

Aroma rice Cooker:

Aroma cookers have some unique quality features. As a buyer, you will love to buy a cooker that has pretty much quality with high cooking performance.

Large capacity: This particular cooker brand is absolutely perfect for cooking for a large family. It has cooking capacity for up to 20 cups of rice. To handle guests, this is a brilliant addition to your kitchen.

Even the rice is going to cook perfectly. Make sure you never overload it with contents. But Aroma small rice cooker is best for small family.

Multi-functionality: Aroma cookers have multi-functional features. A user can cook white ricebrown rice, sushi rice along with so many delicious dishes. Different settings are there with different cooking options as well.

Also, you can prepare meat, vegetables, soups, oatmeal etc. with this cooker. These multi-functional options are available for using different settings.

Sensor technology: This is another spectacular addition in Aroma. Sensing technology can determine the temperature well. This technology helps in getting perfect rice with a better texture.

Accessories: Aroma features with so many different functions. It also offers some accessories like spatula, measuring cup along with a tray. Besides, other cooking options, you can utilize them as a part of your cooking assistant.

Zojirushi rice cooker:

Zojirushi is an outstanding manufacturer in promoting their high-quality products. They have so many positive reviews from their customers. It costs a bit more but worthy to use with a great usage.

Keep warm functions: This is a unique invention of Zojirushi. You must be wondering that this particular manufacturer introduce this special technology to the world of rice cookers.

This popular and useful function is helpful for busy individuals most. It works nicely for reheating the dishes you prepared. It goes automatically to the keeping warm function to make the rice warm till you are not yet ready to serve it.

MI-COM technology: MI-COM technology is a short name for the microcomputer chip technology. In some of the models of Zojirushi, you will get this useful feature.

It has plenty of menu settings. That’s why these cookers are pretty much versatile and has improved level of functionality.

This advanced technology is the best for handling cooking temperature during cooking. Consequently, you don’t need to bother for checking the cooker frequently.

The automatically functioned settings are there to offer soaking, steaming etc. for an instance.

Power Cord: Zojirushi has retractable power cord featuring with the whole unit. In most of the cooking models of Zojirushi, you will find this worthwhile feature.

This is important technology because it prevents other obstructions from creating any interruption.

Induction heating: Induction heating offers getting heat from optional electric current getting from the best output of the wall. Then the heat distributes equally to the entire pan.

Zojirushi has best rice cooker too with innovative adjustments. They can easily keep variance with the time, temperature etc. Moreover, induction cookers use inner pan as the essential component.

Cuckoo Rice Cookers:

Cuckoo cookers will grab your attention for having unique style. The manufacturers have provided a cool looking to their products. The company is renowned at selling Korean style products with large or best small rice cookers.

This is the reason; you should appreciate the unique styles and functional programs.

Size and capacity: A consumer would love to use a cuckoo cooker due to have its dynamic size and cooking capacity. For small family, one would love to use small cookers. On the other hand, there are plenty of models of Cuckoo manufactured for large family.

Moreover, this particular brand has up to 20 cups of cooking capacity. That’s why it is good for the best use.

Design: Very clean and lasting design has been applied in the Cuckoo models. Here, you will find solid design with several good looking options.

Clean up: The exterior part of the Cuckoo brand has been set up in such a way that you can easily clean up the spillage. The non-stick pan allows no chance for the rice to get sticky.

Again, the removable inner container makes your job easy to clean them separately.

Keeping warm mode: This is another important feature usually get combined with the Cuckoo brands. This functional program allows automatically keep warm mode. Eventually, it switches to the specific function and keeps the rice warm for long.

This is one of the most important features for those who are very busy in their respective jobs. By using this feature, they can comfortably eat warm rice whenever they want.

Panasonic Rice cooker:

Panasonic rice cookers have unique features and specifications. This is the reason they are one of the most the top rated Manufacturer Company in the world.

These cookers are one of the best Japanese rice cookers in the world. Let’s have a look at those highlighting features.

Fuzzy logic technology: This advanced technology is widely used in most of the rice cooker’s model of the Panasonic. It entirely handles cooking time and temperature.

If getting fresh and fluffy rice is your first priority, this fuzzy logic technology is the best applicable feature for you. It provides accuracy in time and power control instantly.

Warming feature: Warming feature allows keeping the rice warm till you need it to serve before your family or others. This feature is only used to keep the rice warm for extended period of time. This excellent function will end the user with perfect cooked rice.

Non-stick pan: Panasonic will surprise you with non-stick pan that won’t let the rice to stick to the cooker pan. This feature also allows easy clean up for the users to do.

When it is not getting sticky, it won’t take much time to clean the utensils.

Glass lid: Glass lid is another sophisticated addition of the Cuckoo cookers. You can clearly view the cooking with this useful feature. Again, you don’t have to open the lid when you have a clear glass lid.

You know what lifting the lid in middle of the cooking often causes serious hamper in rice cooking.

Other accessories: Different useful accessories come with the Panasonic rice cookers. There are measuring cups; steamer, scooping spoon, spatula etc. are being added as useful accessories for cooking rice.

Oster Rice Cookers:

Perhaps, you live alone and a handy kitchen appliance is required for you. Oster cookers offer you the best mini rice cookers besides other preferable size.

As a careful buyer, you must find it to be the best for the usage. Below, we are going to highlight the basic features of this specific model.

Design: These cookers come with simple but attractive design. The cooking container is produced thought fully with non-stick material. The tempered glass is another part of its simple designing area.

Usage: People will surely reap the major benefits with the usage of the Oster cookers. Steamer allows vegetable steaming such as tomatoes, cauliflowers, cabbage etc. Again, you can use it for cooking other tasty dishes.

Easy clean-up: Every user would love to expect easy cleaning system in their rice cookers. Non-stick pan is helpful to fulfill your desire. Again, tempered glass lid allows easy cleaning for its dish washer safe properties.

Tiger Rice Cookers:

Tiger is one of the most leading kitchen appliances in the world of rice cookers. The manufacturer established this brand to handle the customer’s need. Let’s look at the feature what this reliable brand includes.

Automatic features: Tiger cookers allow automatic features in every model. That’s why you don’t need to keep constantly checking your rice status. A microchip thoroughly manages the cooker with fully automated features.

Hence, you need to choose your desired mode and leave the rest of the works to this brand.

Induction heating: This latest technology controls adequate heating method. It can handle how much heat you need to cook perfect rice.

Easy to use: Tiger cookers are very easy to use. As there are so many detachable parts associated with this brand, it seems very easy for cleaning.

The inner lid is very simple to move and clean. Again the round shaped container makes your job easy to remove the dirt while cleaning.

Ta-cook system: ‘Ta-cook’ is one of the most attractive and unique feature of the tiger cookers. “Do you need to cook two different dishes in similar time?” This excellent method allows you for doing so.

Conclusion: Finally, the moment comes to draw the end of the article. In this article, you learn how to make sushi rice in a rice cooker.  Also, we have given the short descriptions of the top brand rice cookers for cooking this rice.

These convenient cookers are fit for preparing multiple dishes along with sushi rice. The useful features mentioned here are convenient for you. They also allow comfortable cooking experience.

Are you prepared for cooking sushi rice at your home after reading this article?  Wow, it’s so pleasant news for us, happy cooking.